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Unformatted replay steps[edit source]

I wrote specific steps in a more efficient order for replaying DoD to help those going for the rewards/master quest cape requirement. I'm too lazy to format it into something easily readable so I'll just drop it here and let someone else fix it up. Take as much credit as you want :^)

Talk to Gypsy Aris (accept - 1 - 1)

Investigate coin, flip (4th option)

Talk to Gypsy Aris (2)

Use coin on fountain

Enter portal

Finish dialogue with image of zemouregal (3)

Talk to Gypsy Aris (accept quest)

Trade Xuan next to the fountain, northwest of it, and buy a cabbage

Trade Urist Loric southeast of the fountain and buy an uncut diamond, cut it

Run slightly south and grab a rotten tomato

Head to the varrock museum and talk to Orlando, start the Shield of Arrav quest. Finish dialogue

Head north and enter the house west of the northern part of the church

Talk to Prysin

Walk outside and search the drain connected to the south wall of the house

Walk into the church and click on the trapdoor just south of the entrance. Finish the dialogue

Return to Gypsy Aris

Go to the blue moon inn and talk to Dr Harlow. Finish dialogue

Buy a beer from the bartender (1)

Head to the far southwest of varrock and enter the Black Arm Gang hideout. Talk to Katrine (1-1-2, finish dialogue)

Head to the apothecary, click on the doghouse inbetween the meat and hide icon buildings on the map (1-1-1-1-2-1-3-1)

Talk to the apothecary (2)

Use the sobriety potion on the beer

Use the beer on Dr Harlow in the pub

Talk to the ghost, immediately cancel dialogue and kill any zombie in the inn, talk to the ghost again

Talk to Jonny the Beard in the pub. Talk to him again once the dialogue finishes

Kill Jonny, finish dialogue

Return to the Black arm gang hideout and talk to katrine (1-1-yes)

Destroy your lockpick

Click on the door, finish dialogue

Talk to Moira sitting on the chair

Head north to the anvil just south of the bank, buy a gold ore. Craft a diamond ring

Head north to west varrock bank, talk to the skeleton clerk (1)

Head further north to the end of the graveyard and inspect the lone tombstone next to the statue

Talk to the ghost, exit dialogue after hitting spacebar once

Click one tile to the east, click back on the ghost. Finish dialogue

Walk to the varrock church. Pass through the castle courtyard and collect some blood from the fountains in a vial. Enter the building south of Prysin's house

Inspect the wardrobe

Kill the animated book

Talk to the ghost (4-3-4-4-4)

Enter the trapdoor in the church and take Silverlight

Head to the east varrock bank and go upstairs, talk to the skeleton clerk (1)

Use the two arrav shield parts on each other

Walk south to the barriers, pick a black mushroom and use it on silverlight. Equip silverlight and your dark robes

Talk to Evil Dave, finish dialogue

Talk to Delrith

When dialogue interupts, talk to Delrith again

Press Yes to skip the fight with Agrith Naar

Drop your vial

Exit the barriers and enter the magic store, buy 10 earth runes and 1 cosmic rune

Enchant your diamond ring

Talk to Orlando in the museum to complete Shield of Arrav

Talk to Gypsy Aris in the Varrock square tent to complete Demon Slayer

Enter Varrock castle and talk to Reldo in the library to the west (accept - 5)

Click on the northwest most bookshelf in the far west wall

Talk to arrav (1)

Talk to reldo

Equip your zombie outfit and go to the first floor by using the staircase in the far southeast corner Head north and enter the northwest room, through the red barrier

Unlock the treasure room safe in the northwest corner by using your decoder strips (this code is the same for every playthrough, write it down for convenience)

Enter the safe and smash the black prism

Talk to Arrav to complete Defender of Varrock

Talk to Arrav again to start Curse of Arrav. Finish dialogue

Walk to the southeast corner of the ground floor, enter the red barrier and search the corpse

Walk to the southeast of Varrock and enter the house connected to the barriers, just south of Evil Dave. Go upstairs

Talk to Ernie (1)

Chop the dead tree right outside of the house

Kill undead cows and fill your inventory with raw beef

Light the logs

Cook the beef until the urn is full (generally requires 11 beef)

Return to Ernie (1)

Head to the church

Talk to Father Lawrence until dialogue ends

Pray Ultimate Strength

Talk to Lawrence

Pray Rapid Restore

Talk to Lawrence

Pray Eagle Eye

Talk to Lawrence

Pray protect from summoning

Talk to Lawrence

Pray Mystic Might

Talk to Lawrence

Use the dwellberries, ring of life and sacred oil on the canopic jar

Return to Arrav

Go to the southeast corner of the castle ground floor, go upstairs

Enter the northeast room and search the footlocker infront of the bed

Return to the southeast corner of the floor, unlock the vault door and enter

Equip your mithril crossbow and grapple the chandelier

Unlock the vault door with decoder strips. The code is the same every playthrough just like the previous one

Enter the vault, take the heart

Return to arrav. Finish dialogue

Head to Varrock Museum and click on the red button next to the statue, select any option

Pickpocket Curator Haig Halen

Take the shield of arrav from the display case

Return to Arrav. Once the shield gets removed from your inventory, click on the throne room door and press yes

Finish dialogue, then defeat Sharathteerk

Talk to Sharathteerk (1)

Click on the stairs to the northeast (click yes to skip)

Finish dialogue/cutscene (4)

Talk to Gypsy Aris to finish your replay

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