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Adding new data.[edit source]

Hey everyone, I like to train my summoning while dungeoneering, since its kind of slow and tedious to do normally and I usually summon the gorajo familiars for the extra exp and help they give... anyways I will be adding to not only this page but also to the other familiar pages as I collect more data on them, here is what I have learnt about these so far...

They have far, far more than 150 life points, I have seen them take a few hits from hard hitting monsters like mysterious shades and survive, its definitely over 500, possibly even over 1000, so ill just put 500+ in the info box until I can learn more.

The highest hit I have seen so far is 103, which is really quite good compared to regular mobs of the same combat level, also appears to hit quite accurately, even on monsters that are 40 or more levels higher then it.

Alterecco (talk) 07:21, February 15, 2014 (UTC)