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This talk page is for discussing the Count Draynor page.

Contradiction[edit source]

In the main paragraph it says he is the brother of Lord Draken, but then it says in the trivia, it is unknown how he became a vampire, it seems to contradict itself, i don't know which is right or i would fix it my self. Anyone know the real one? X Cinco 16:26, 9 January 2008 (UTC)

That's what Jagex said... however vampires aren't really born are they? Meaning at one time Drakan and Draynor were human. And if they're brothers why are their surnames different?

But it also says that he lost his wife in a war, and use to have a nice manor, but then dissapeared and came back a vampire, well why is he vampire before crossing the river, then suddenly he is human and has a nice house? X Cinco 21:04, 7 February 2008 (UTC)

Maybe his full name is Draynor Drakan then. Or maybe the place was called Draynor before he got there and he took the name Draynor after it. — Ali Irontoad (Talk) (Contributions) 22:14, 22 February 2008 (UTC) Draynor is probably his given name I think Draynor was cast out of morytania and went over Salve, and was weakend to any weapond. OOTMrocks 23:08, 4 June 2009 (UTC)OOTMrocks It should be noted that in real life the name after the nobility titles refer to the area of which the person 'reigns' and not his actual name. For example, Louis de Buade, Count of Frontenac and Pallau, is popularily known in France and Canada simply as Frontenac, as if that was his last name. So in this same essence, perhaps Victor Drakan, Count of Draynor became popularly known as Count Draynor.-- 18:35, 27 March 2008 (UTC)

Where did Jagex say that? As far as I know, Draynor was fighting in the battles at the Paterdomus during the Fourth Age, and was trapped on the other side when the Salve was blessed. He's become weaker because of his seperation from the darkness of Morytania. Morian Smith 01:59, 13 April 2008 (UTC)

As of yet, Jagex has not revealed the true origin of vampyres OR vampires. While comments from the villagers of Meiyerditch say that all vampyres are converted from some sort of bipedal creature, the many family ties within the Drakan family suggest that this is not entirely true or it is not the only way that vampyres reproduce. Wrathanet 23:28, October 20, 2009 (UTC)

Silver/Darklight[edit source]

Any proof of this? I mean, yeah, they're silver weapons, but... WWTDD? 00:34, 18 March 2009 (UTC)

No, I'm pretty sure that silver weapons don't change the battle. I'm not sure why silverlight was singled out in this article, but it may be because it is the only free-to-play weapon that is actually made out of silver. Wrathanet 23:24, October 20, 2009 (UTC)

Silver is for werewolves, silly. - 04:10, April 19, 2010 (UTC)

And Silverlight/Darklight is for demons, too. Count Draynor is neither. --Teri (: 22:56, October 3, 2010 (UTC)

I tested silverlight on count draynor and it did alot of damage. Can someone please test if silver bolts work on him?

Free XP?[edit source]

Would some high level player without a stake be able to just sit there for ages and get loads of XP? Mage24365 01:29, December 23, 2009 (UTC)

Chathead?[edit source]

Can someone confirm where the chathead of Count Draynor featured on the page comes from? I recently played through the quest on my alt, and Draynor didn't speak at any point. Where did whoever got the chathead get it from?

Silver sickle.png Asparagoose

01:40, October 25, 2011 (UTC)

Think it was originally taken by Parsonsda. I don't remember the quest myself at all, did it 8 years ago, before HD. Talk to meTHARKONSignatures I made 11:57, October 25, 2011 (UTC)

Link with Zaros[edit source]

"Draynor and the rest of the vampyre race, after arriving in Gielinor, allied themselves with Zaros, a deity that was at the time gaining considerable power in the eastern mainland of Gielinor."

This is incorrect, as is told in the quests "fate of the gods" and "Lord of Vampyrium" Zaros actually met the vampyres while they still lived on Vampyrium, he is the one who brought them culture and civilization, and as told in "fate of the gods" they are one of the first races he encountered after leaving Freneskae and is the one who brought them to Gielenor, while it is never mentioned that Draynor himself was ever from Vampyrium or that he ever met Zaros, if like the other Drakans he is a trueborn Vampyre rather than a human convert then he is likely to have been born on Vampyrium and brought to Gielenor by Zaros.

Because of the structure of the paragraph I am not quite sure how to edit the start of it without doing a full edit of the entire paragraph I will leave it in the hands of someone who has more experience with editing than I have. 23:50, March 4, 2016 (UTC)