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This talk page is for discussing the Call of the sea aura page.

Untitled[edit source]

If anyone has purchased this aura, would it be possible to test the rate with and without the aura active to see how much it improves your fishing by? Many thanks! --Goodison Goomba 20:34, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

i think the Call of the Sea improved %[edit source]

well i have 78 fishing and before i was fishing with it got a couple of loads like really fast then i activated it and it was faster lol also i think its improved maybe 3-5% atleast not sure so dont take my advice but thats what i think

small test[edit source]

I've only had the time to use the aura once fishing monkfish, in an hour with aura i got 315. the next hour without 290. My Fishing level is 86

So we could be looking at just under 10%. A lot more extensive testing is needed though as rates may vary between fish types. Also whether it stacks with bonus from a familiar like granite lobster is unknown.

I decided to put the aura Call of the Sea to the test today. I fished rocktails for an hour with the aura active, and an hour with the aura inactive. I was 94 fishing for the entire test. I took a fishing rod, living minerals, 6 new decorated fishing urns, and a granite lobster pouch in inventory to start each hour, and I had a granite lobster familiar already out. The following suggests a 3.5% increase in EXP gained (EXP listed includes foraged fish by the lobster):

-- 48,439 EXP with the aura active (4 urns used)
-- 46,797 EXP without the aura active (4 urns used)

This isn't much of a boost. However, the boost is about the same size as the Sharpshooter and Runic Accuracy auras, so I doubt I'm too far off.

Page Info[edit source]

Where did the info on the page come from regarding 1 in 4 chance? How can we know if thats valid or not

I personally do not think that chance is anywhere near the correct percentage. From other peoples use I think the increase of a successful catch is around 4-6%. A 1 in 4 chance would be a 25% increase. I think if it was even close to that high it's cost would be much more than it is in loyalty points. I'm removing it as we speak.

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God vivec1 11:03, July 1, 2011 (UTC)