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Info on how to reclaim it or where to find it again[edit source]

Today I talked with a forester randomly and since the option was there, I asked him to remind me what I was supposed to be doing. (Completely forgot about the quest...) Turns out he entrusted me with an ax! So I think I dropped this /apparently very important to him/ hatchet about two years ago and haven't progressed with the quest since. (I quit for a while, then switched to F2P, etc.)

He doesn't want to give me a new hatchet no matter which conversation path I take. Did I already give it to Maggie and that's why I don't have it, or will any random "sharpened" hatchet work and he won't notice the difference, or am I supposed to do something else to get it back? 3ICE (talk) 17:20, March 6, 2016 (UTC)