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Does it have an animation and, if so, could we get an image of it? The Pandorica will open. 15:04, June 4, 2010 (UTC)

-> I can confirm that there is no special-effect "animation" for the necklace... It simply hits a "40" on every surrounding enemy.

Excellent. Thanks for the info. [[User:Sir Revan125]] 00:54, May 23, 2011 (UTC)

activates every 15 seconds[edit source]

Sorry guys. I've had a blood necklace for quite a number of months now, and I've always thought the 10 seconds it took to activate seemed to take forever, so today I finally tested it, numerous times. It activates every 15 seconds. I've confirmed this over and over with myself, taking it on and off, and it takes 15 seconds exactly for it to activate. Not 10. Can someone please edit it? =)

For players with 99 smithing and 90 mining like myself this is the best bind after shadow silk hood. I smith full promethioum very quickly and deal stronger and more accurate hits with the blood necklace.

This necklace has saved me countless times from dieing by healing me.

I always get the "berserker" title at the end of a floor after getting this drop. The only item I would consider changing this for my second bind is the rare hexbow.

Mechanics?[edit source]

How does this neclace deal damage or heal?

Well if you want the specifics then by just being surrounded by opponents the amulets special will deal damage such as 30 ,and it'll heal you by that much: It's effectiveness increases when surrounded by more foes.

Easy healing trick[edit source]

now sometimes you run out of food and have say 100 constituion left but have a blood necklace. a trick that i learned and i have done many times myself is attack a "dino" aka dromosaur etc. and turn off auto attack then just wait a little max hit from the blood necklace is 40 so with every 15 seconds maximum healing could be... 160 hp a little slow but hey anything to survive right?

Wasting time healing on 'dinos' would be very stupid, just die and you will get more dung xp/time than wasting 1 min on 160 hp when most monsters can anyway hit 300+...

89 slayer only[edit source]

Found it and killed it at 89 slayer.

Was with a group of 3 players levels 107-134. I killed it without the 90 slayer requirement. I asked what the creasture was and it seemed like my teammates couldn't see it. Dropped a blood necklace which led me to search the wikia about it and type this.

Dr Chaker is my username.

Dr. Chaker was here to fix you up 02:22, February 3, 2012 (UTC)Jjkul1

Beta neck[edit source]

Melee crit: 5.0%

Ranged crit: 5.0%

Mage crit: 5.0% 17:09, June 29, 2012 (UTC)