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This talk page is for discussing the Black scimitar page.

If you can apparently get 28 in 15 minutes, wouldn't this be fantastic money? Or is it too crowded for that? Just saying since 8000*28*4 is almost 900k and anyone can do this method. ~Elysian Aura~(temp sig) 01:56, August 29, 2010 (UTC)

It's probably why that text keeps getting removed by unregistered people, LOL. Eevables 01:59, August 29, 2010 (UTC)

Repeated (11 cases of) vandalism, it is time to put an end to it[edit source]

Anons continue removing the following information:
Note: Each link points to an edit history (with diff=prev set, and the oldid specified).

Useful, correct Information Added by (thanks) Vandalized by
There is a free respawn in Ardougne Castle, on the first floor at the southern staircase. 3ICE (me) Hopefully no one.
It can be found in first floor of the East Ardougne castle. It re-spawns at an unknown rate.
You can make good money from taking black scimitars [...] go to ardougne castle, take the scimitar and then switch worlds (the scimitar will then be on the other world [...]
Members may find a spawn in Ardougne Castle (it's on the floor above the main floor, 2 steps north of the southern staircase). (Been there for years
albeit with thieving
level requirement
edit wars)

And / or spreading false information instead:

Misinformation and deceit Introduced by Fixed by (thanks)
However, due to an unknown update, the Black Scimitar was removed from the castle. Joeytje50
however it has been removed most likely due to the low levels that make money off that one respwn
(Blanked the info) Ajraddatz
You cant do this anymore, world switching got deleted by Jagex Yodimon
(Deleted the whole paragraph) Ajraddatz
And the list goes on... and on... and on..

Special mention goes to a double revert edit war between Coaster4321 (the good guy) and (the bad guy):

Deed Vandal Revert (thanks)
Blanked paragraph Coaster4321
Blanked paragraph again Coaster4321

To avoid accidental "in good faith" (re)addition of false information (believe me, it happened, even by a mod), I uploaded a cropped screenshot of the location.
Which an other mod promptly deleted (deeming it useless) before I could add it to the page...

So I added a cite instead. And a couple comments around the disputed information asking people to "Stop! Before removing this information, please look at the talk page and reconsider!"

3ICE (talk) 22:01, September 1, 2012 (UTC)

Which was removed by yet an other mod. So... Guess I'll just be watchlisting the page then. 3ICE (talk) 21:09, September 3, 2012 (UTC)