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Put in my cannon strategy for here.[edit source]

Cannon strategy[edit source]

I know this doesn't really have a place in the article itself, so I'm putting it here. I was recently assigned a large amount of fire giants for a task and while I'm sure that I could go and kill them all, I find it easier to just use a cannon.I ended up setting my cannon up at the western end of the lake when you come in and hiding in the corner where you come in. I only had to run out to top up ammo and while on the ammo runs I picked up the items listed as valuable on the fire giant page, as well as any charms. I believe this could probably be improved by taking along long-range equipment (ie magic and range) and possibly being able to range/mage the giants over the lake-water thing, but I'm coming back to test that. Apologies for any mistakes - my computer is lagging horribly (which is why this hiding thing is brilliant! I don't actually have to worry about lag disconnecting me while I'm figthing the giants! xD) and I'm sure that it's common sense for a lot of people but it might help others (: Teri (: 22:26, August 13, 2011 (UTC) Just confirming, it is possible to shoot across the river (at least with a crystal bow). Long range is great for dragging giants into the path of the cannon, as well :D Teri (: 22:57, August 13, 2011 (UTC)