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Urm...[edit source]

ive got a question, how is being a collector on queen level hard? the only reasoning given is that you need to collect yellow eggs.  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

I thought the same thing. You don't even need to do anything until the queen arrives. You can conserve your health and call out attack styles for the attacker. When she appears, you obtain eggs, give them to the healer, then get them back and load them into the cannon. If anything, it's by far one of the easiest. Black cavalier.png Zenihdrol Tribal top (blue).png 00:07, October 1, 2009 (UTC)

test[edit source]


Wondering about the difficulty ratings[edit source]

Somewhat like those above me, I was curious as to how the difficulty ratings were chosen. When I play Barbarian Assault, I play for maximum points. I define "difficulty" as being how hard it is to obtain the maximum amount of points for my role.

So on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the hardest...

  • Attacker: 2
  • Collector: 5
  • Healer: 3
  • Defender: 1

Defender is the easiest to role with which to obtain max points. Just don't let runners past.

Attacker follows. Just avoid using the wrong attacks.

Healers have to avoid using the wrong food, and they have to heal everyone to max health. If anyone finishes the game below max health, points were lost. Having low defense players can boost the healing done. Some teams will take off armor during waves to increase points.

Collectors have the hardest jobs. There is almost no way to pick up every egg in a wave. I have often thought that there should be two collectors in a team if there is two of anything. One healer and one defender should be plenty. A decent enough attacker shouldn't take too much time. Any additional time the attacker needs over the other roles to get its job done can add to the amount of healing the healer has to do.

On the queen no one can lose points. Every person just has to get his or her job done. The collector doesn't even have to do anything during the pre-queen portion of the wave. The healer(s) may have a little more pressure on wave 10 once the queen surfaces. Other than that wave 10 isn't bad at all. I'd rate it something like:

  • Attacker: 2
  • Collector: 1
  • Healer: 3
  • Defender: 2

This scale does assume people know how to do their roles. For learning players, some roles may seem more difficult. Maybe there should be three ratings: Normal Waves, Queen Wave, and Learning Curve.

Learning Curve:

  • Attack: 3
  • Collector: 2
  • Healer:4
  • Defender: 5