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This talk page is for discussing the Archaeology collections page.

Artefact locations[edit source]

I suggest adding a column to each of the tables that lists the specific dig site/sub-site where each damaged artefact can be found. Oshtur (talk) 20:35, 30 March 2020 (UTC)

The dig site with the specific excavation hotspot is now shown. :) Farming-icon.png Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon.png 12:35, 2 April 2020 (UTC)

What about putting a column for experience? Then people could see which collections they could complete for the best xp. Xenozfan2 (talk) 09:47, 4 April 2020 (UTC)

I guess that could be added, but imo it's not really relevant to the collection itself. Farming-icon.png Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon.png 21:10, 5 April 2020 (UTC)
Column for xp and total xp has been added Seers headband 2 chathead.png Elessar2 (talk) 14:48, 16 April 2020 (UTC)

Minimum level required to complete a collection[edit source]

Could the minimum level required to complete a collection be added to the collections overview table(based on highest artefect level in collection)?Holysaint (talk) 17:41, 6 April 2020 (UTC)

Did you see the first column? :P Farming-icon.png Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon.png 18:23, 6 April 2020 (UTC)

Collection Rewards[edit source]

I suggest double checking rewards for collections completed. For example, I had an extended discussion about the Saradomin II collection, it seems the Sir Atcha collection awards chronotes for completing the collection in addition to the chronotes for each item. The total chronote reward was 10401 chronotes, indicating a 5199 chronote reward every time for completing the collection as well as the tetracompass piece. Clef Ender (talk) 22:16, 6 April 2020 (UTC)

In regards to Zamorakian II I had zero notes in my inventory. I turned in two duplicate collections at once wearing the 99 Arch cape and got back 2 tetracompass pieces and 16,600 chronotes. Larka (talk) 07:45, 9 April 2020 (UTC)

Keep in mind that the repeat rewards listed are for completing the collection and do not include the chronotes earned for each individual artefact. Seers headband 2 chathead.png Elessar2 (talk) 16:13, 16 April 2020 (UTC)

Collection rewards[edit source]

I too can confirm it is odd seeing the "Museum - Saradominist II" only list the rewards as 5k chrono notes, it actually gives about 11k w/ the 9 items turned in and the set rewards Saradominist II to the other guy will give the tetra compas and 5/6kish notes,

So the list at the top has incorrect info on chrononote rewards

Runeknight95 (talk) 22:56, 12 April 2020 (UTC)Runeknight95

The rewards are correct, but it's the rewards for completing the collection itself, not including the chronotes for turning in the individual artefacts. Seers headband 2 chathead.png Elessar2 (talk) 16:13, 16 April 2020 (UTC)

Wrong total collection reward[edit source]

The total chronotes for a collection is wrong. You get Chronotes for handing in each of the artifects. And you get the same amount AGAIN for completing the collection. So the total amount is actually twice what's the article is listing. Please fix it. Thanks 16:22, 13 April 2020 (UTC)

The rewards listed for each collection are for actually completing the collection and do not include the chronotes earned for turning in a given artefact! Seers headband 2 chathead.png Elessar2 (talk) 16:13, 16 April 2020 (UTC)

Collection Rewards Profits?[edit source]

For museum collections (Velucia), anyone interested for profits in GEP?
Something should be workable with Template:Collection or Template:Collections_table.
But of cause, the first question would be... would these data be useful at all?

Assume that all materials is bought from GE.
Also ignore the time & materials collected while gathering for damaged artifacts for simplicty, since time & material will reduce when mattock precision increases.

For example, for Lv 25 Zaros I museum collection,
Every time reward is 2,635 Chronotes (463,760)
Collection value is 2,108 Chronote (371,008)
Profit formula would be (2108+2635)*Chronotes - 32*Samite silk - 14*Tyrian purple - 74*Third Age iron - 38*Zarosian insignia - 8*Goldrune - 24*Imperial steel - 10*Ancient vis - 34*White oak = 204,426

Compared to Lv 36 Zamorakian I museum collection,
Every time reward is 3242 Chronotes (570,592)
Collection value is 2594 Chronotes (456,544)
Profit would be 261,272. Gspbeetle (talk) 07:55, 17 April 2020 (UTC)

Sorry, forgot about this talk page. It has been implemented here template:Collection costs
Gspbeetle (talk) 04:11, 20 May 2020 (UTC)