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Untitled[edit source]

Hey, doing my first talk thing so please be patient with me :P

I'd like to add the strategy of using a Superior scrimshaw of vampyrism with Amulet of zealots, Ultimate Strength and Holy overload potions (no need for any other prayer restoration, I added more info about this in the Amulet of Zealots page) for a 16% damage boost. Cheaper than using Attuned ectoplasmator - the downside is that the ashes clutter your Area looting interface and some drops won't be picked up, so it's best used if you have an Advanced gold accumulator, maybe a legendary pet to pick things up (not sure how the last one works, never used it).

I'm not sure where in the article to put this strategy though, I'd appreciate if someone told me where, or added it themselves.

Another thing that I'd like to see added is the strategy of Protection prayers. I sometimes see people use that here, so I hope someone that has used it before can add it at some point.

JustA Legend (talk) 12:40, 21 October 2018 (UTC)

With regards to "ashes clutter[ing] your Area looting interface"... you could always just add 20 infernal urns to your preset. Gives an xp boost, and is a lot cheaper than ectoplasmator if you don't need the prayer restore. -- F-Lambda (talk) 22:30, 1 November 2018 (UTC)
Cool thanks for the idea, I'll add it to the strategy. JustA Legend (talk) 12:56, 2 November 2018 (UTC)

Wall of text[edit source]

So I don't really have the time or expertise to edit the wiki properly, but I've got over 500k abyssal demon kills under my belt (personal challenge to get onto the leaderboards, and it's my go-to afk moneymaker). I don't claim to have the most efficient method, but it's definitely one of the most afk, getting about 1280 kills/hour, and making between 1.5m to 2.5m depending on aura etc, and 1.3m combat xp/hr. Each trip will last around 3-4 hours.

Use alt-1 with a lobby timer, HP/Prayer warning, loot beam warning, and importantly a warning for when your potion has run out (either through the buff tracker or the chat detection method)

Equipment: Auged Scythe (I have P3E2, and AS3) Auged MW body (I have Crackling 3 and biting 2) Auged MW legs (I have Scav 2 Mobile, and Impatient 3) - Scav 3 is HUGELY better but just been very unlucky. Demon slayer Circlet, Gloves and Boots (12% damage boost, 6% xp boost) LOTD - Essential, wouldn't want to miss HSR! Demon Horn Necklace - for prayer restore Max cape - for stat boost, but any other skillcape would be fine. (Def cape and inv cape are most useful here) Illuminated book of chaos - For stat boost Rune pouch with High Alch runes.

Legendary pet with banking and looting abilities is quite nice too. Charming imp set to pick up crim and blue, and keep others. Gold accumulator is also nice for afk. If you have premier club for aura reset this is also good. 6% clan avatar bonus is included in my calculations.

Inventory: Spring Cleaner - Set to alch all rune, but disassemble medium adamant and smaller. Huge part of your profit if you're afk. Attuned Ecto - Start with this uncharged, but I use about 5000 charges throughout the trip, so I bring 750 ghostly essence Upgraded gem bag - Dstones are good money, diamond and ruby fills up very quickly. 6x Aggroverload 6 dose - about 10% extra kills for 5% extra potion cost compared to aggression pots (about 10% more money/hr) 150 Infernal Urns + active urn 35 dwarf weed incense - saves money in springs and wasted drops if you're actively looting, if you're afk makes you lots of money in wasted drops. Slayer contract - I just do 1 per run not to lose my spot, but its a nice bit of slay xp and 180k per contract! Slayer helmet - for teleport

Placeholders: 1x addy stone spirit 1x rune stone spirit 1x pure essence (noted) 1x magic log (noted) 1x fire orb (noted) 1x chaos rune 1x death rune 1x crimson charm 1x blue charm

Consider bringing: Mask of Abyss - can be worn to force slay task for xp Slay cape - for quick tele to slay master if using the above


Use the top floor of the slayer tower, and stand in one of two squares, 1 square east of the chasm south, and 1 square west of the skelaton north. The two squares are the ones directly east of, and 1 south of the pillar/pedestal to the west. Here you aggro the most demons without trapping them in the little groove in the chasm to your south.

Start off with an uncharged ectoplasmator in your inventory, you'll be using soul split and protect item (just in case), together with penance for the first hour (two if you reset using prem club). These hours will earn you 2.5m an hour, as well as using up most of your infernal urns. It is not worth resetting the aura using vis wax or any other method due to the high cost for little gain. Penance should be enough to keep SS up permanently for the 2 hours. if you're worried, bring a pray pot. Once penance is down, charge up your ectoplasmator, and your demon horn necklace will do the job of prayer restore. You can now activate turmoil for a little extra DPS. You should keep your dwarf weed incense active at all times to maximise profit.

I've attached a screenshot of my calculations to reach this method, I hope its helpful! [[File:Abby demons maths.png|thumb|Maths behind Abyssal Demons method]]

DrVengeance (talk) 14:40, 15 October 2019 (UTC)