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This talk page is for discussing the A journal page page.

Details[edit source]

The journal page reads:

"I'm so addicted to fighting in this place. I should get out before I die. But I MUST find more answers. The tower spoke very fondly of the Founder today. I wonder why. He seemed confused as to their connection, like his memory isn't as complete as it used to be."

The item examine text is "It's covered in some very messy handwriting!" It is destroyable. The destroy text is "You'd have to discover the page again by fighting in the tower."

I found another one with the same examine/destroy text. It reads:

"Managed to find some scribing on one of the walls. If it's to be believed, The Founder was born on the very spot the tower was built. Not likely a coincidence. His people were hoping to find peace in the desert, using its lands to stay away from others. Also learning the penalty for being bound was an eroding memory. Sad. Uncle just arrived! Almost had a heart attack when he saw the giant face!" Shinydarkrai94 21:55, November 1, 2011 (UTC)

"He was angry to see where I'd been. He has been sent to bring me home. Seems our village is being accosted by an unknown beast and they need my help. Whatever it is, I imagine it'll be nothing compared to the trials I've faced here. I want tp see my family. I just said farewell to the tower. He feels like a close friend now. I probably don't need to be but I feel sorry for him stuck here, missing The Founder." Kunelius 12:48, November 2, 2011 (UTC)

"To pick someone so close and dear to take on the tower for generations. Re-granting life. The tower is apparently very grateful for the gift. The Founder cared for him dearly. Makes sense now why the Tower has bouts of curiosity." Cabbage.png NyllsCabbage.png 10:28, November 7, 2011 (UTC)

Grinding Method[edit source]

Does the grinding method in climber mode still work for obtaining journal pages? I got 17 pages using this method, but have completed 150 more kills since then without a single journal page, repeating floor 1 continuously and looting the chest each time.

Has anyone had a problem similar to this? And if so, do they know of the best alternative for obtaining pages? I have had this problem since last Tuesday's update. On Monday I received about 3 journal pages over the course of about 60 floors.  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

I did this for ~250 kills yesterday. During the first ~100 kills I got 7 pages after that the pages got much rarer compared to the first 7. The following ~150 chests only resulted in 4 pages. I after that I quit for the day. Seems like they maybe get rarer the more you get, possibly resetting daily. On a related note, today I decided to just kill as long as I could on endurance and see what I got. After 70 kills I finally died. I had 436k factor and when I opened my chest there were 6 pages inside. I was not aware it was possible to get multiple pages in one chest which was my reason for coming here. I saved a picture of the chest with 6 pages if anyone thinks it would be a good addition to the page here or the tower.  Summoning-icon.png Sci (talk) Enhanced Excalibur.png 05:16, February 27, 2012 (UTC)

I've killed 127 bosses and gained 6 pages from the chest. Is the chances of getting one higher with higher dominion factor?

Is there a best way to get these? I've been doing endurance, and reseting when i get a hard boss, but I've only had 2 journal pages in my last 364 kills. I know it's possible that I am just getting unlucky, but this seems a bit ridiculous.

easy way to get journals[edit source]

Since people keep claiming they have trouble on this, I destroyed my own journal and did 59 floors in climber mode (for 1M dominion factor) and recieved 7 pages in just 40 mins. In other words, you can get all pages within 3 hours. --Jlun2 (talk) 05:23, April 22, 2014 (UTC)