Tales of the God Wars

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For the achievement, see Tales of the God Wars (achievement).
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Tales of the God Wars is a miniquest that serves as an introduction to the Heart of Gielinor. It features the backstory of its denizens, exploring the rivalries between the generals as well as taking a first look around the dungeon and the significance of its location. Completion of the Tales of the God Wars is not required for participating in the Heart of Gielinor. However, it does give rewards useful for accessing the dungeon.

Completing Tales of the God Wars is a requirement for the master quest cape and trimmed completionist cape.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Searching for memories[edit | edit source]

The Curator chathead.png

Speak with The Curator just outside the Heart of Gielinor, north of the Agility Pyramid, to begin. The Curator introduces himself as a collector and archiver of tales. He explains that the Heart is a powerful pool of Gielinor's anima whose controller will have unimaginably powerful capabilities, and that select factions of Seren, Sliske, Zamorak, and Zaros, are all fighting for control over it. He requests your help in learning the stories of the generals who represent each faction. Agree to help him. The Curator will then provide you with four empty journal chapters; these are magically enchanted to tell you in what direction you should go (North, South, East, or West) from your present location to find the memory when you read them. Simply select the option to read the book, and then read the message that appears on-screen, to find out in what direction you need to travel to get to the correct destination.

Collecting the memories[edit | edit source]

You will be alerted when you are at the correct location. You must have the relevant chapter in your inventory to be alerted that you are in the correct location and to successfully collect the memory for each location.

Chapter #1[edit | edit source]

The first memory is related to Helwyr, who led a group of Cywir elves, followers of Seren, who migrated from Tarddiad to Gielinor; it is found in Tirannwn. To fill this journal, you must collect 20 memory essence from memory fragment wisps at the Incandescent energy colony south of the Poison Waste in Isafdar. The closest teleport is the fairy ring BKP, then run west. The wisps have a green tinge to their appearance rather than the normal purple colour. A chatbox message will display for every memory essence you collect, and an additional chatbox message will appear when you have collected all 20 required memory fragments.

Chapter #2[edit | edit source]

The second memory is related to Gregorovic, who seeks the aid of Sliske to gain protection from death, and is found at the Barrows crypt in southern Morytania. To fill this journal, you must use the empty journal on the Barrows chest. Although you do not have to fight the Barrows brothers, it is recommended to defeat them to receive a greater reward upon looting the Barrows chest. You will however have to enter the crypt with the maze, find the correct room with the Barrows chest, and then solve the puzzle on the door to enter the room. See the Barrows guide for instructions on how to solve the puzzle doors to enter the room with the Barrows chest.

Chapter #3[edit | edit source]

The third memory is related to the Twin Furies, loyal servants of Zamorak, and is found at the Zamorak section of the God Wars Dungeon, which requires 70 Constitution to enter. To fill this journal, you must kill K'ril Tsutsaroth, the Zamorakian general of that dungeon. To be eligible to fight him, you must have a Zamorak kill count of 40, which you can obtain by killing any 40 Zamorakian followers within the God Wars Dungeon. You may also use a charged Zamorakian soulstone or have an active Totem of Intimidation on Anachronia. If you are fighting him as a group, you do not have to deal the final blow that kills him, but you do have to at least tag K'ril Tsutsaroth and do some damage on him to receive this memory. Killing K'ril Tsutsaroth during practice mode of a custom encounter also counts as filling the chapter, mitigating any risks that occur from fighting him ordinarily and his bodyguards do not need to have been slain. This allows for more expensive items to be taken into the fight, as nothing will be lost upon death and you will only be taken back to the lobby room outside the boss fight. With decent food and gear, it is possible to solo him without much regard, and still complete the objective.

Chapter #4[edit | edit source]

The fourth memory is related to Vindicta, a faithful Zarosian and among the last of the Ilujanka, and is found at the Grotworm Lair. The entrance to the Grotworm Lair is found at the White Knight Camp west of Port Sarim and north-east of Rimmington. To fill this journal, you must kill 20 of each type of grotworm: young grotworms, regular grotworms and mature grotworms. They can be killed in any order.

Final memory[edit | edit source]

The final memory is automatically obtained upon obtaining all of the other memories. After depositing the fourth and final filled chapter into the tome, you will be notified that an additional memory has also been discovered.

Viewing the memories[edit | edit source]

Report back to The Curator, after you have filled all of the journals, to inform him that you have done so successfully. The Curator will advise you to place the filled chapters into the tome near him. Do so by using each filled chapter on the tome (or just click on the tome and select the second option to add all chapters to the tome), and then click on the tome to view the memories. A cutscene will appear for each memory. These memories tell the stories of the generals of each faction to be found in the Heart of Gielinor.

  • Helwyr's memory: In the early Fourth Age, after Seren shattered herself into crystal, Cywir elves on Gielinor discovered that carrying crystal shards staved off the ill effects of the Sickness afflicting their brethren on their homeworld of Tarddiad. They scoured the forest of Tirannwn to find them, and managed to collect enough for their entire force to allow them to roam freely outside of Isafdar without suffering from the Sickness. They sent a group of Cywir elves to Senntisten successfully, where they were kidnapped by Gregorovic, a human madman afflicted by a life-threatening illness who sought to discover the secret of elven longevity; he tortured and performed scientific experiments on them to find out, but was unable to discover it. All but one of these elves were murdered; the lone survivor reported what happened to Helwyr, leader of the clan. Helwyr, furious at what Gregorovic had done, called upon his elves to punish Gregorovic in vengeance for what he had done. If they successfully do so, he told them, then afterwards the Cywir elves would resume their traditional lives as hunters of monsters and demons. Although the World Gate, through which they were able to travel between Gielinor and Tarddiad, had been lost, Helwyr retained hope that a way to return to the elven homeland would be found through their hunting, and they could return to rescue the afflicted elves of Tarddiad. Helwyr then, using an ancient magic of transfiguration, transformed into a powerful wolven form, and walked away.
  • Gregorovic's memory: In the early Fourth Age, Gregorovic met Sliske in the Barrows crypt, informing him that the illness he was afflicted with was soon to take his life. He explained that he attempted to experiment with kidnapped Cywir elves to discover their secrets to elven long lives but failed to find it. He then pleaded with Sliske for help, agreeing to whatever Sliske desired as long as he could have eternal life. Sliske killed him on the spot, and then reanimated him in the Mort Myre swamp as an undead creature with a terrible hunger. Sliske informed him that his body would have to be sustained by consuming other creatures, and that the more powerful the creatures he consumes, the more powerful he would become by consuming them. Initially shocked by the change, Gregorovic came to embrace it, and agreed to faithfully serve Sliske from then on.
  • Twin Furies' memory: In the early Sixth Age, Zamorak gathered his faithful followers in Daemonheim to receive reports from them on their activities. After appreciating a positive report he received from K'ril Tsutsaroth, his faithful general in the Temple of Lost Ancients, he turned to the Twin Furies - twin demon sisters Avaryss, the Unceasing and Nymora, the Vengeful - to inquire from them what was their report. Avaryss and Nymora were tasked with assassinating Morvannon, among the last of the supposedly infertile Ilujanka, whom the Zamorakians considered to be 'oath-breakers' and thus worthy of destruction, and they successfully did so using hellhounds acting under their control. However, Avaryss and Nymora reported that Morvannon may have been with child; that Gorvek, the dragon whom Morvannon would ride, may have escaped with Morvannon's egg; and that thus Morvannon's child might have survived. They had planned to find and destroy this child; however, they had been sidetracked by the discovery of the murder of their sister by Gregorovic, against whom they sought vengeance. Zamorak was angry to hear this; he refused Nymora's pleas to permit the twin sisters to seek revenge first, warning her not to question his authority. Zamorak then ordered the twin sisters sternly to find out if Morvannon's child had indeed survived, and if so, to make sure that this time Morvannon's child is actually destroyed, before seeking vengeance against Gregorovic for his actions.
  • Vindicta's memory: In the early Third Age, Gorvek rescued Morvannon's egg. Knowing that the child within would be among the last of the Ilujanka still alive, Gorvek decided to raise her, naming her Vindicta, and resolving to train her so that one day she could seek revenge against those who murdered her family and her people. Centuries later, Vindicta is shown to have grown. Raised by dragons, Vindicta became far more ferocious than the Ilujanka customarily are. Gorvek recovered the armour and weapons of Vindicta's ancestors for her to wear and wield, and ensured that Vindicta was aware of her family's and people's story. Vindicta resolves to find and punish the Twin Furies for what they had done, and then flies away on the back of Gorvek.
  • Final memory: In the early Sixth Age, Helwyr, Gregorovic, the Twin Furies, and Vindicta all discovered the Heart of Gielinor, a powerful pool of anima whose controller would gain unimaginable ability and power. Each sought to claim the Heart of Gielinor for their respective faction: Helwyr, for Seren; Gregorovic, for Sliske; the Twin Furies, for Zamorak; and Vindicta, for Zaros. They all travelled to the Heart of Gielinor, where they met. Helwyr and Avaryss air their grievances against Gregorovic, for the murders of their respective brethren, and warn that they will strike vengeance upon him for it. Gregorovic defends the murder of the Cywir elves as for furthering scientific research. Nymora calls on Avaryss to restrain herself, reminding her that they are ordered by Zamorak to kill Vindicta first, before they seek revenge against Gregorovic. Vindicta expresses that it is she who will defeat the Twin Furies, to take revenge on them for their murder of her family and her people. Helwyr considers the others to be creatures of darkness, who must be hunted for the safety of others. The generals each explain what they plan to do with the power of the Heart of Gielinor upon gaining control: Helwyr and Vindicta plan to save their respective races, the afflicted Cywir elves of Tarddiad and the infertile Ilujanka of Iaia, while Gregorovic and the Twin Furies seek to strengthen their respective masters.

After viewing every memory, speak to The Curator one final time. He will thank you for your services, provide your rewards, and teleport away. The tome will remain near where he previously stood, where the memories will continue to be available for viewing.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Tales of the God Wars reward.png
  • Magic lamp which awards 30,000 experience
  • 25 The Heart teleport tablets that will teleport the player to the Heart of Gielinor
  • An anima crystal, which increases the player's reputation with one of the factions by 500
  • 5,000 Summoning XP (obtained during the miniquest)
  • 5,000 Divination XP (obtained during the miniquest)
Music unlocked

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