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Taijitu is a secondary currency to chimes in The Arc and is considered much more valuable. In conjunction with chimes, taijitu are used to purchase various upgrades and resources at the Waiko Reward Shop and Ports Reward Shop, run by Boni. One taijitu is also required for the Jed Hunter miniquest.

It can be obtained through different ways:

Normally the taijitu are added directly to the currency pouch, but sources such as Motherlode Maw reward the item variant instead which can be clicked to add them to the pouch.

The best way to gather large amounts of taijitu is to repeatedly go on small voyages and look for treasure chests and taijitu on the ground. Picking up washed up supplies and other items on the ground can be used to get more chimes to buy supplies for more voyages from Rosie on Waiko.

Purchasing all items from the Waiko Reward Shop excluding the teleports and experience lamps costs Taijitu.png 354 taijitu.

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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SourceCombat levelQuantityRarityMembers
Ahoeitu the Chef1111UncommonP2P icon.png
Anagami (Temple of Aminishi)1051UncommonP2P icon.png
Arhat (Temple of Aminishi)1051UncommonP2P icon.png
Arhat paragon1211UncommonP2P icon.png
Cloaked zealot1051UncommonP2P icon.png
Death Lotus rogue (Temple of Aminishi)1051UncommonP2P icon.png
Eastern mercenary1051UncommonP2P icon.png
Elite Sakadagami1051UncommonP2P icon.png
Elite Sotapanna1051UncommonP2P icon.png
Fortunate orokamiN/A1–2UnknownN/A
Fortunate orokami jarN/A1–2UnknownP2P icon.png
Goku the Unrelenting1111UncommonP2P icon.png
Hanto sellsword1051UncommonP2P icon.png
Horrific crassian931UncommonP2P icon.png
Jade the Unruly1111UncommonP2P icon.png
Masuta the Ascended10001UncommonP2P icon.png
Menaphite gift offering (large)N/A1RareP2P icon.png
Menaphite gift offering (small)N/A1RareP2P icon.png
Menaphite guard captain1011UncommonP2P icon.png
Motherlode MawN/A2–7UncommonN/A
Ol' Sawtooth1201UncommonP2P icon.png
Olivia the Chronicler1111UncommonP2P icon.png
Oyu the Quietest1181UncommonP2P icon.png
Renegade Menaphite soldier1011UncommonP2P icon.png
Sarkhan the Serpentspeaker1111UncommonP2P icon.png
Sea crocodile771UncommonP2P icon.png
Seiryu the Azure Serpent100001UncommonP2P icon.png
The Sanctum Guardian8501UncommonP2P icon.png
The Violet Lotus1111UncommonP2P icon.png
Treasure chest (Uncharted Isles)N/A1–2AlwaysN/A
Treasure chest (Uncharted Isles)N/A2–4AlwaysN/A
Treasure chest (Uncharted Isles)N/A4–7AlwaysN/A
Xiang the Water-shaper1111UncommonP2P icon.png
Yukimura of Hanto1051UncommonP2P icon.png

Store locations[edit | edit source]

Travelling Merchant's Shop[edit | edit source]

This table shows the next 5 days where taijitu is available in the Travelling Merchant's Shop.(wrong?)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The taijitu is a Taoist symbol that represents the duality of yin and yang.
Facts about "Taijitu"
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All Release dateJuly 25, 2016 +
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Is members onlytrue +
Item ID37,758 +
Item JSON{"edible":"no","m
{"edible":"no","members":"yes","stackable":"yes","stacksinbank":"yes","death":"always","name":"Taijitu","bankable":"yes","gemw":false,"equipable":"no","disassembly":"no","release_date":"25 July 2016","id":37758,"release_update_post":"The Arc & Uncharted Isles - Invention XP - Flourishing Fairy Outfit","lendable":"no","destroy":"Are you sure? If you destroy these you will need to discover more in the Wushanko Islands.","highalch":0,"weight":0,"tradeable":"no","examine":"A rare and highly prized commodity.","noteable":"no"}
#34;,"noteable":"no"} +
Kept on deathalways +
Location restrictionsurface +
Release dateJuly 25, 2016 +
Value1 +
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