Tablet of Het (active)

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A tablet of Het (active) can be created by activating a tablet of Het (inactive).

When equipped or stored in the player's backpack, it reduces the denominator of the drop rate by 10% when the drop rate is calculated for unique drops from Arch-Glacor, Croesus, Kerapac, the bound, and TzKal-Zuk. For example, a normal drop rate of 1/500 would be increased to 1/450.[1] In other words, the item increases the drop rate by 1/9, or, approximately 11%. When receiving a drop, the item is not used up.

Attempting to wear the tablet after the beginning of 19 January 2022 causes the tablet to disintegrate with message Het's luck within the Elder God War Dungeon has faded. All tablets of Het have crumbled to dust. This also removes any tablet of Het fragments and inactive tablets of Het that the player has remaining.

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References[edit | edit source]

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