Swordfish gloves

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Swordfish gloves are a reward that can be purchased with 200 tokens from the Fist of Guthix minigame or from Stanley Limelight for 80 thaler. They require a Fishing level of 65 to wear (this can not be achieved by using boosts, e.g. Admiral pie). When worn, the gloves grant an additional 100 Fishing experience for every swordfish caught. This extra experience boost lasts until 1,000 Swordfish have been caught, after which they crumble to dust. To check how many charges players have left, right click in the equipment screen and select "inspect". Players can only buy one pair of gloves until that one had been destroyed. Trying to buy two pairs at once will result in buying only one, and receiving a notification.

Contrary to popular belief, Swordfish gloves DO NOT make you catch swordfish exclusively. They have the same catch ratio depending on your Fishing level.

Combat stats[edit | edit source]

Experience[edit | edit source]

Method Swordfish
Normal Harpoon 100
Gloves 200 (100 exp. extra per raw swordfish)

The experienced gained from swordfish gloves DOES stack with bonus experience and the experience boosting Fishing outfit. If catching swordfish barehanded, the gloves will have no effect on the strength experience earned.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Although called swordfish gloves, they cannot be used to pick belladonna plants, which require a pair of gloves to be worn to pick.
  • Despite not having any combat stats, the player isn't able to take them to Entrana.