Sword of Edicts (echo)

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Sword of Edicts is one of the echoes of Guthix that can be displayed atop an echo plinth at the Memorial to Guthix. Players can interact with the echo to read about Guthix's memory. The memory mentions the elemental druids, Ria, Atrew, Rief, and Thera.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Sword of Edicts (echo).
  • Guthix: Agony. Suffering! Anguish. Misery, sorrow and death. The pain ripped through my body as like liquid rending a terrible wound in the earth. I have never imagined such pain. An ordeal without end. A nightmare from which I would not awake. My soul was bound to Gielinor, and the tether blazed with searing torment. I suffered as the world suffered, trapped in a prison of my own making. A prison of flesh and soil and eternal slumber, just as I had sought. I do not know how long I rocked and screamed and wailed. I did not expect any to hear my cries, nor did I want to be found. My torment ceased as suddenly as it began. At first, I thought that sweet oblivion had claimed me and finally brought an end to my agony. I realised my eyes were open. As my vision cleared, I saw four tiny figures surrounding me, dressed in robes of my colour. The air was befouled by the smell of burnt sacrifices. The four druids bowed down before me, chanting in a familiar tongue, drawing on the power of the elements to stabilise me. Later, I learned their names: Ria, Atrew, Rief and Thera. They pledged their lives to me. I entreated them to cease their worship, but they would not be discouraged. Their sleeping god had arisen, and they revelled in the throes of adoration. I gazed down at my wounded body, as my connection to the soil faded. The wound that tore across my chest had already begun to heal. I blinked, and I was on the surface of Gielinor. The world was on fire. The Stone. The had used the Stone. Not to create, but to destroy. And the nightmares that had plagued me, of death and battle and strife that I prayed were only dreams, were made flesh, worse than I could have imagined. Millennia of conflict. Mortal lives ground beneath the war machine of avarice and ambition. The world burned because I chose to tolerate their greed. Gielinor suffered for my cowardice. I could no longer hide from my duty to this world, hoping the maintain a neutral equilibrium. I was forced to take action. The age of gods had reached its end.

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