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This article is about the fishing spot. For other uses, see Swarm (disambiguation).

The swarm is a type of fishing spot found at the south-western section of the Deep Sea Fishing hub. It has no requirement to use besides access to the hub itself, which requires level 68 Fishing.

The player's Fishing level determines the fish that are caught. Like the Ourania Runecrafting Altar[1], it is possible to catch fish you normally cannot catch, but with a relatively narrow range. For example, raw sailfish can be caught without 97 Fishing, but it is more common at higher levels; by 94 Fishing, sailfish amounts to about a third of the catch, while any fish lower than raw cavefish (85 Fishing) is very rare. Boosted or drained Fishing level doesn't seem to affect the quality of the fish.

Based on a sample of 11,045 fish, at 99 Fishing players may expect to catch raw sailfish 64.1% of the time, raw blue blubber jellyfish 22.2% of the time, raw rocktails 10.2% of the time, raw cavefish 3.0% of the time and raw manta rays 0.5% of the time.

Raw great white sharks may be caught here without purchasing the prawn perk from the Prawnbroker.

Fishing at the swarm yields around 130,000 experience per hour at level 99 Fishing. The nearby magical net is useful for quickly banking the fish caught.

Unlike other fishing spots, the swarm does not move, but instead, there is a 1/150 chance that the player will stop fishing, with the message: "A fish snags against the net."

The swarm fishing spot area

Location[edit | edit source]

Deep Sea Fishing hub468 Fishing-icon.png FishingP2P icon.pngShow on map

Loot[edit | edit source]

Main[edit | edit source]

Deep Sea Fishing shared loot table[edit | edit source]

This fishing spot has access to the Deep Sea Fishing shared loot table, which is a tertiary drop.
Luck-enhancing items are not required to access the table.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 26 March 2018 (Update):
    • The swarm of fish will now grant invention experience on the augmented crystal fishing rod, rather than just the one on the rod-o-matic.

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