Superior spined armour

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Superior spined armour equipped (male).png

Superior spined armour is tier 65 ranged power armour made from spined armour and Fremennik equipment patches, which can be bought from the Slayer Bounty & Deathmatch Reward Shop for 200 Deathmatch points each or can be obtained as an uncommon drop from the Wilderness shared loot table and require level 65 Defence to wear. These patches, along with spined armour are used to create the superior spined armour. It is the ranged equivalent to superior rock-shell armour and superior skeletal armour.

Superior spined armour degrades for 100,000 charges of combat before falling apart and vanishing completely ('degrades to dust'). The Fremennik equipment patch is tradeable, but the individual armour pieces are not once created.

Retrieving unprotected parts from a gravestone will cause the part to lose 10% of its charges.

Components and Bonuses[edit | edit source]

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Superior spined helm.pngSuperior spined helm226.4---16.2-65,136
Superior spined body.pngSuperior spined body260.3---24.3-39,049
Superior spined chaps.pngSuperior spined chaps249---20.2-38,233
Superior spined gloves.pngSuperior spined gloves56.6---10.1-35,453
Superior spined boots.pngSuperior spined boots56.6---10.1-36,370

Superior spined armour set[edit | edit source]

The armour set was removed from the store and made unobtainable (though existing sets could still be opened for the contents) on 11 March 2019 with the removal of Bounty Hunter. The Fremennik equipment patch replaced it in the Deathmatch store, which is now how the armour is obtained.

Image Name GE Price
Superior spined armour set.png Superior spined armour set Not tradeable on GE