Superior Morrigan's equipment

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For other variants of this item, see inferior.
For other variants of this item, see corrupt.

Superior Morrigan's equipment is a part of the superior Ancient Warriors' equipment obtained by upgrading each part using an ancient warriors' equipment patch, a reward from Bounty Hunter. Each piece of this equipment requires 88 Ranged or Defence, and has 100,000 charges of combat before disintegrating. All parts (except the helm) can be augmented.

The weapons themselves become whole ranged weapons (like the crystal chakram), but in order to be created they require 100 of their uncorrupted variants.

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonusPrice
Superior Morrigan's coif.pngSuperior Morrigan's coif------414---22-7,957,252
Superior Morrigan's leather body.pngSuperior Morrigan's leather body------477---33-9,645,469
Superior Morrigan's leather chaps.pngSuperior Morrigan's leather chaps------456---28-8,889,187
Superior Morrigan's javelin.pngSuperior Morrigan's javelinThrown13112343---------7,561,529
Superior Morrigan's throwing axe.pngSuperior Morrigan's throwing axeThrown10782343---------7,561,603