Super kebab

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Super kebab detail.png

A super kebab is a kebab that has had red hot sauce added to make it spicy. They are sold by Isma'il the Kebab seller. The sole advantage of the super kebab appears to be that, unlike the normal kebab, it may affect Summoning, Slayer, Runecrafting or Firemaking. It may also simply do nothing.

To make a super kebab, the player must use red hot sauce (obtained from Isma'il) on either a normal kebab or Ugthanki kebab.

When the super kebab was first released, it was unintentionally tradeable with non-members, who could not obtain it in any other way. Shortly after this glitch was discovered by players, Jagex updated the game so that they were members-only.

Disassembly[edit | edit source]