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This article is about training the Summoning skill, and is required for Summoning training.

There are 5 types of charms used to create every type of Summoning pouch:

There are also 7 types of special charms, used as tertiary ingredients in the creation of certain pouches:

Obtaining Charms through general combat and Slayer monsters[edit | edit source]

Common monsters to kill for charms include glacors, rock lobsters, waterfiends, and cockroach soldiers. Also, note that most Slayer assignments have favourable charm drops rates. Monsters vary greatly in the number and type of charms they drop. Players attempting to train Summoning should kill monsters that drop lots of crimson or blue charms, as they offer the best experience-per-charm rates.

See here for a table of monsters which drop charms.

The fastest way to level Summoning is to camp at a monster that drops lots of charms, such as waterfiends or rock lobsters. However, it is also common for players to get charms from training Slayer rather than from camping at a specific monster. It is possible to get enough charms for 99 Summoning by getting 99 Slayer, although it depends on what tasks the player does. If a player is going for 99 in both skills, there is no need for them to camp at a monster specifically for charms. However, if a player does not want to do Slayer, or is unable to obtain all the charms that they want purely from Slayer, then there are several monsters that are very good to camp at for charms.

Below are some of the most popular monsters to kill for charm drops.

Gelatinous abomination[edit | edit source]

Gelatinous abominations have around a 44% charm drop rate. They drop gold charms at a rate of around 41%. The gelatinous abominations have only 150 life points and are level 6 so they are really quick and easy kills. The only equipment required is spiked gauntlets, which can be purchased at any Slayer Master. These monsters are found in the Taverley Slayer Dungeon, south-east of Turael (or Spria) in Taverley. Killing these are a great way for anyone to obtain gold charms, but no drops of great value can be obtained, and the combat experience gained is minimal.

Suqah[edit | edit source]

Suqah have a 35% charm drop rate. They have a charm drop rate of: Gold (14%), Green (8%), Red (6%), Blue (7-8%). While the numbers might seem small, it is very common to get a charm drop about 1/3 kills. The suqah attack with melee, even at a distance, and those on the northern part of the isle attack with melee and a weak version of Ice Barrage or Water Wave on their opponents. However, their damage can add up very fast when they do hit, so food or Guthan's armour is highly recommended.

These are not recommended unless you have at least level 50 in either melee, magic, or ranged. Players must have at least started Lunar Diplomacy to have access to Lunar Isle.

Rock crabs[edit | edit source]

Rock crabs have a 13% charm drop rate, 10% of which are gold charms. This can be an efficient way for lower levelled players with some extra cash to obtain charms, and get decent experience. You should also run around and activate all the crabs since they don't attack and won't be able to be attacked unless someone runs next to them. If they stop attacking you, just run south of the crabs, right past the helmet shop and then run back up. This can be a great way for lower levels to obtain charms and get ranged experience. You can get around 3-5 charms per minute if done correctly.

This is not recommended unless you don't mind spending money to buy cannonballs, since they are very expensive.

Moss giants[edit | edit source]

Moss giants are great for gold charms, about 40% drop rate. They have very low defence and slow attack speed making them easy to power through even at low levels. North-west of Ardougne has 4 moss giants and it is, more often than not, empty. Other popular places include the Varrock sewer system and moss giant island. For almost guaranteed seclusion there are also some moss giants on Crandor. Finally, a decent amount of moss giants can be found in Brimhaven Dungeon (requires 875 coins to enter, or Karamja gloves 3). This area will almost always be empty.

At level 65 Dungeoneering the Moss Giant Resource Dungeon can be accessed, located at the end of the Varrock Sewers, and is widely regarded as the best place to kill moss giants if you can access the dungeon, with 8 spawns all in close proximity.

Ice giants[edit | edit source]

Ice giants are great for gold charms, about 55-57% drop rate for charms. They have relatively low defence and slow attack speed making them easy to power through even at low levels. Two places to find ice giants are in the ice mountain dungeon and in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. There is also a location where they spawn next to the western wilderness wall and the members' fence line. Although being in the deep wilderness it is not recommended.

Goblins[edit | edit source]

Goblins have an 11% gold charm drop rate. The best way to kill goblins is to go to the goblin hut in Lumbridge. It is a bad idea to bring a slow weapon like a godsword, battleaxe, or 2H, as you cannot hit very quickly, resulting in slow progress. A weapon like a whip, scimitar, dagger or claws is ideal so you can do 20-30+ goblins and obtain 2-3 charms per minute. If you camp for an hour, you can easily get 50+ charms. This is not recommended if you cannot frequently hit 50-120 damage.

The goblins across the River Lum near the Al Kharid gate have 67 LP, keep that in mind when choosing what weapon to use to get one-hit kills (scimitar works best most of the time). The goblins found in the Goblin Village do not drop any charms at all, so it is not advised to go there.

Abyssal Walkers[edit | edit source]

Abyssal walkers have an 18% green charm rate. They exist in large numbers to the south of the abyss, so you should bring multi-target weapons, such as chinchompas or halberds, and use AoE abilities. This method is recommended for those who have a charming imp set to eat abyssal charms because picking up charms manually would significantly slow down your damage output and the rate of getting charms. The recommended combat stats are the same as for abyss combat training. Using a charming imp, a player with ~75 in attack and strength, while using a halberd, can expect to get 300 green charms per hour. Using charming potions is recommended.

Giant rock crabs[edit | edit source]

Giant rock crabs can be the best monster for acquiring gold charms. They drop three of these at a time quite frequently. The giant rock crabs can be found in the Chaos Tunnels, near the entrance south-west of the Wilderness Crater. It is recommended to use Magic to kill giant rock crabs, since it is their weakness. Bring a few pieces of food, runes for the spell you'll be using, and also some runes for telekinetic grab (if using the standard spellbook). There's a safespot by the stalagmites in the north-east corner of the room.

Another area to kill giant rock crabs is in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon. There are a multitude of them in the north area beyond the gate. Keep in mind, you will have to run past many Dagannoth in the main part of the first level before entering the rock crab area.

Walk near a boulder and it will transform into a giant rock crab. Lure it to your safespot so it gets stuck and you can safely mage it. When near death, the giant rock crab will attempt to flee. Once the crab is dead, it's recommended to use telekinetic grab on the charms so you won't put yourself at danger by going near some other crabs.

Ice Burst or Ice Barrage can be used effectively here. Use Protect from Melee or Deflect Melee and gather all the crabs at a spot so that you can burst or barrage them. This method gives the most charms per hour.

A disadvantage of killing giant rock crabs is that the charms gained are mostly gold, which are the lowest level charm. Comparatively, the charms that can be gained in a given time period from killing giant rock crabs will not give as much summoning experience as the charms that can be gained in the same time period killing a monster that drops mainly higher level charms, such as waterfiends or rock lobsters. Giant rock crabs should only be killed at low-level summoning when gold charms are most useful, and even then, it is important to realise that since charms can be saved up, it probably would be more worth your time to just start at a monster that drops primarily crimson charms right away, since you will end up getting gold charms to make it through the low summoning levels anyway, at the same time as you save up tons of crimsons to use later.

Black demons[edit | edit source]

With the introduction of infernal ashes, killing black demons became another reasonable method of gathering crimson charms. The ashes cover the cost of the cannonballs and other consumables. At higher levels, such as with 70 Agility, 52/68/96 Summoning, a chaotic weapon, and 80+ combat stats, a player can amass profit above 200k per hour on top of the crimson charms. High ranged levels help too, as demons are weak to bolts.

Rock lobsters[edit | edit source]

Prayer renewal flask (6).png Prayer renewal flask (6).png Prayer renewal flask (6).png Wolpertinger pouch.png
Prayer renewal flask (6).png Prayer renewal flask (6).png Prayer renewal flask (6).png Wolpertinger pouch.png
Prayer renewal flask (6).png Prayer renewal flask (6).png Prayer renewal flask (6).png Wolpertinger pouch
Prayer flask (6).png Prayer flask (6).png Prayer flask (6).png Enhanced Excalibur.png
Prayer flask (6).png Prayer flask (6).png Wolpertinger scroll (Magic Focus) Teleport to house.png
Gold charm.png Green charm.png Crimson charm.png Blue charm.png
Death rune.png Blood rune.png Water rune.png Fire rune.png

Killing rock lobsters is often considered to be the fastest way to train Summoning, although waterfiends can actually be faster than bursting with the optimal levels and equipment, including 99 Summoning for a Steel titan. Rock lobsters do not require a high Summoning level to kill quickly.

The best way to kill rock lobsters is to use Ice Barrage or Ice Burst since they are aggressive. There are many different ways to do this successfully, most of which involve luring 9 rock lobsters towards you while using Protect from Melee or Deflect Melee, moving to a safe spot, then casting the spells to kill them. Armour that gives high magic and/or prayer bonuses is recommended. Most of your inventory should be Prayer potions, but you will also want runes for ice spells, and a few blood spells (to heal, as you can take damage from Dagannoths using a ranged attack). Also, bring a teleport and a few pieces of food.

Due to an update, you can now reach rock lobsters without a partner.

Players attempting to use this method to kill rock lobsters should have 70+ (preferably 94+) Magic, and 70+ Prayer. They should also have a large amount of cash, as this method does cost a significant amount of money due to the runes and prayer potions used.

Ice bursting rock lobsters can give over 180 crimson charms per hour, whereas ice barraging can give up to 270 crimson charms per hour.

To further improve the number of crimson charms players get and how many runes they use, many players choose to use damage increasing variables such as the staff of light, arcane stream necklace, arcane blast necklace or arcane pulse necklace as well as the wolpertinger special move, Magic Focus which gives the same boosting effects as the extreme magic potion.

Waterfiends[edit | edit source]

Waterfiends are a great source of crimson charms for mid-to-high level players. They are weak to bolts, and easy to kill with a royal crossbow or another tier 75+ ranged weapon. Waterfiends can be killed in the Ancient Cavern or in the Chaos Tunnels.

Waterfiends have a ranged attack and a magic attack. The magic attack is more dangerous. Players should use ranger armour (Karil's or royal d'hide) and, if they wish to further reduce damage, the Protect from Missiles or Deflect Missiles prayer. The best weapons to use are the royal crossbow, dual chaotic crossbows, or dual ascension crossbows.

Mid-level players will find it easiest to kill waterfiends in the ancient caverns. Using a royal crossbow and a healing familiar such as a bunyip, it is easy to obtain about 150 crimson charms per hour.

Higher level players, with 95+ Ranged and Defence, will find that little healing is necessary. Such players may want to bring a combat familiar instead of a healing familiar. Using extreme potions and turmoil, high-level players can obtain about 225 crimson charms per hour in the Ancient Cavern.

For an even higher rate of charm collecting, very high-level players can choose to kill waterfiends in the Chaos Tunnels, where they are denser. Here, players should use Soul Split, an Iron or Steel titan loaded with the appropriate scrolls, extreme potions, and the highest level crossbow and ranged armour possible. If making full use of multi-target abilities, players can expect to earn about 300 charms per hour in the chaos tunnels.

Gladii[edit | edit source]

For higher level players with 81+ Slayer, killing gladii at the Monastery of Ascension allows for a fast way to collect crimson charms while also serving as a money making method. Like other Order of Ascension members, gladii are weak against ranged weapons and have a weakness for any ranged attack type, and they are almost impossible to kill at any decent speed with magic or melee. At high range levels and using extreme ranging potions and a level 80+ weapon, over 150 crimson charms per hour can be obtained, making them only slightly inferior to waterfiends and rock lobsters for training. Unlike these monsters, gladii can also yield a significant profit of 2m+ per hour as a result of their valuable ascension keystone drops, as well as their frequent drops of noted resources and rune and adamant alchables, making them one of only a few ways to profitably and quickly train Summoning. To kill gladii, it is recommended to rely on some healing method other than food to lengthen trip duration, such as the bunyip or unicorn stallion familiars, or the Soul Split curse. Gladii are relatively safe to kill, as they do not inflict much damage, but they can inflict stuns and binds using their special attack, so usage of the Anticipation and Freedom abilities is recommended to not lose killing efficiency. Royal d'hide, Armadyl or Pernix armours should be worn to maximise kill speeds, and a ring of Wealth to increase profits.

Bork[edit | edit source]

Bork can be killed once per 24-hour period beginning at 00:00(UTC), and has guaranteed charm drops. The minimum he will drop on death is 5 blue, 7 crimson and 2 green charms. Wearing a ring of Wealth adds 3 crimson and 1 green to the base total, and completing all of the hard Varrock achievements leads to the base charm drop being doubled. The Familiarisation D&D will not triple these charm drops.

Drop quantity
Icon Name Default Ring of Wealth equipped when killed Finished Hard Varrock achievements, not needed to wear Finished Hard Varrock achievements, not needed to wearRing of Wealth equipped when killed After completing The Mighty Fall quest After completing The Mighty Fall questRing of Wealth equipped when killed After completing The Mighty Fall questFinished Hard Varrock achievements, not needed to wear After completing The Mighty Fall questFinished Hard Varrock achievements, not needed to wearRing of Wealth equipped when killed
Blue charm.png Blue charm 5 5 10 10 10 10 20 20
Crimson charm.png Crimson charm 7 10 14 17 10 13 20 23
Green charm.png Green charm 2 3 4 5 5 6 10 11

As Bork can be killed daily, the number of charms that slowly mount up can significantly enhance the pool of charms that a player may amass through other methods, or even become the primary source of charms for players that only want to train Summoning on a casual basis.

Tormented demons/Glacors[edit | edit source]

Tormented demons are excellent monsters for obtaining blue charms. On average, around 3 charms per 2 kills will be obtained. A strategy guide can be found here.

Glacors are also excellent monsters for obtaining blue and crimson charms. They drop 3 per kill and have roughly the same percent chance of dropping blue or crimson. A strategy guide can be found here.

Greater demons[edit | edit source]

Using a dwarf multicannon on the 10 greater demons in the Forinthry Dungeon can net 200+ crimson charms an hour. It is recommended to bring Prayer urns to collect the mass amount of Accursed Ashes that will be dropped, which will give prayer experience as well as greatly cleaning up the drops on the ground. The Forinthry Dungeon is in the Wilderness, the greater demons within located in level 20-24, so if using this method, it is recommended to have a teleport item handy (such as an amulet of glory), and do not bring anything you are not willing to lose.

Dying in the Wilderness will cause you to drop all of your items if you are skulled.

Hellhounds[edit | edit source]

Hellhounds, while not advised for green, crimson or blue charms, have a 68-69% drop rate for gold charms and can be safespotted in most of their locations. If you have high enough ranged or magic skill to swiftly kill them, you can quickly collect gold charms in safety. Another great method is to use a Guthan's set, a bonecrusher and a bone necklace in combination with the Piety prayer. Unfortunately, hellhounds have very poor drops and aren't profitable (not counting the rewards of any possible clue scrolls you may find). An alternative for gold charms are fire giants with around 55% drop rate for gold charms and they are much easier to kill with additional good loot.

Cave bug[edit | edit source]

Cave bugs have a 40% green charm drop rate, the second highest in game after mithril dragons. They are level 12 and fairly easy to kill. Only the level 12 ones drop charms, level 8 cave bugs drop no charms at all.

With dragon or better armour and an abyssal whip, one can easily achieve 40+ green charms an hour at levels 70 attack and 70 strength. One place to kill them is the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon, where there's a convenient fishing spot where you can fish for frogspawns and a fairy ring nearby. Another is in the Chaos Tunnels.

Arch-Glacor[edit | edit source]

With high combat stats, it is possible to gain around 350 crimson charms and 350 blue charms an hour from the Arch-Glacor, while potentially profiting a few million gold per hour. The fastest method of charms is to set the boss on Normal Mode with 0 mechanics, as you can gain up to 70 kills per hour with optimal gear. The boss hits very low, making this boss fairly easy to kill while AFK. Having Protect from Magic/Deflect Magic with the Vampyrism aura and the Devotion ability can easily keep your health at full. If you're still struggling to maintain full health long-term, a Bunyip familiar is very helpful.

King Black Dragon[edit | edit source]

With high melee stats (preferably 90+, Turmoil, Soul Split, and unicorn stallion) it is possible to obtain over 115 crimson charms an hour from the King Black Dragon, while making about 350-500k an hour profit. This can be a rather attractive way to obtain charms for high-levelled players as the charm-obtaining rate is very good while are making profit rather than losing a lot from bursting rock lobsters.

However, this method requires the ability to make super antifire potions, so that players can use an off-hand weapon or 2h weapon rather than a dragonfire shield in order to increase its efficiency.

Kalphite Queen or Exiled Kalphite Queen[edit | edit source]

With high combat stats, it is possible to obtain a decent amount of charms per hour from the Kalphite Queen/Exiled Kalphite Queen, while making a profit of 600-800k per hour. This is helpful as the queen drops various charms, with the exiled version dropping much more than the regular variant. The regular Queen drops 6 charms, while the exiled one drops 9.

However, the queen is very tough and has several guards, so players may need to rebank much more often.

Exiled kalphite guardians[edit | edit source]

Exiled kalphite guardians drop blue charms at a very high rate. This makes it incredibly fast and easy to obtain blues without completing high-level quests for tormented demons or glacors. However, the Exiled Kalphite Marauders provide a slightly better rate for blue charms and can be killed while AFK at higher levels.

Exiled kalphites (level 99+/200 million xp)[edit | edit source]

Exiled kalphite guardians and Exiled kalphite marauders have a very high blue and crimson charm drop rate, low health, fast spawn rate, high concentration, and can be killed while AFK.

Using this method can result in 550+ blue charms, 500+ crimson charms, and 350+ green charms per hour while near full AFK (just keeping prayer/potions up). Additionally the Charm drop enhancer can be used to double (base + 1 from charming potion +2 from drop enhancer) this rate for 40 minutes once per week (or twice if using Distraction & Diversion reset token (weekly)).

There are no strict requirements to do this method but each piece of the setup increases the rate charms are collected, makes it easier to AFK, or reduces the running cost.

Penance aura.png
Dragon Rider helm.png
Ancient Book.png
Dragon Rider cape.png
Dragon Rider amulet.png
Tirannwn quiver 4.png
Augmented noxious staff.png
Augmented Virtus robe top.png
Off-hand slot.png
Augmented Virtus robe legs.png
Cinderbane gloves.png
Superior Dragon Rider boots.png

Worn equipment information

Holy overload potion (6).pngHoly overload potion (6).pngCharming potion (4).pngCharming potion (4).png
link=Weapon_poison%2B%2B%2B (4)link=Weapon_poison%2B%2B%2B (1)Charming potion (4).pngSuper restore (4).png
Super restore (4).pngSuper restore (4).pngSuper restore (4).pngSuper restore (4).png
Super restore (4).pngSuper restore (4).pngSuper restore (4).pngSuper restore (4).png
Super restore (4).pngMerchant district teleport.png
Steel Titan scroll (Steel of Legends).png200Steel titan pouch.pngOldak coil.pngSpring cleaner 9001.png
Cannonball.png2000Air rune.png2000Herb bag.pngSpirit gem bag.png

Inventory information

Additional recommended items

With the listed items (or the best match if not everything is available) head to the Exiled Kalphite Hive and setup the Oldak coil directly east of the stalagmites at the end of the hive with 1 tile between the coil and the stalagmites.


Next, stand on the west side of the stalagmites leaving 1 tile between you and the stalagmites. Enable auto-retaliate, summon the Steel Titan, give it the special scrolls, activate Soul Split, Torment, drink 1 dose of Holy overload potion, Weapon poison+++, and Charming potion. After this just keep restoring prayer and re-up potions as they expire.

The herbs and seeds collected will more than pay for the running cost of all materials used. The cannon increases the kill rate enough that the additional herbs dropped more than pay for the cannonballs used.

Troll brute and Troll chucker (F2P)[edit | edit source]

The Troll brute and Troll chucker are the only two monsters that drop charms on non-members worlds. They only drop Gold charms on these worlds, and rarely drop green, crimson and blue charms on members worlds. They are only level 2 monsters which make them ideal for lower levelled players. Average and high levelled members have much better ways to get charms.

Ascension members[edit | edit source]

The Slayer creatures in the Monastery of Ascension come in four varieties. Each one is dominant in one type of charm, with another charm being an uncommon drop.

  • Rorarius - mainly drops gold charms.
  • Capsarius - mainly drops green charms.
  • Gladius - mainly drops crimson charms.
  • Scutarius - mainly drops crimson and blue charms.
  • Legiones - mainly drops crimson and blue charms.

Obtaining Charms through Skilling[edit | edit source]

Thieving[edit | edit source]

Hunter[edit | edit source]

  • Spirit Impling (requires level 54 Hunter)
    • Spirit implings are difficult to find and primarily give tertiary summoning items, though do also sometimes give charms.
  • Charm sprite (requires level 72 Hunter)
    • Charm sprites are notable for having a high output ratio of blue charms to the total number of other charms, and provide a good alternative to skillers.
  • Charming moths (requires level 88 Hunter and level 83 Agility)
    • Charming moths have high gold and green charm outputs and are slightly faster than charm sprites (340 charms per hour versus roughly 300 charms) with a chance to get crystal triskelion fragments, but they require higher levels and are located in the Wilderness, adding the risk of being player-killed.

Firemaking[edit | edit source]

When adding logs to a bonfire, fire spirits sometimes arise from the flames. A common reward for freeing them is charms of all four types. Free players cannot obtain any charms, not even Gold, from bonfires.

The chance of a fire spirit appearing is quintupled when using either a crystal tinderbox or an augmented crystal tinderbox. When burning maple logs, this allows the player to gain an average of 44 gold charms, 144 green charms, 18 crimson charms, and 9 blue charms per hour.

Obtaining Charms through Distractions and Diversions[edit | edit source]

Soul Wars[edit | edit source]

Charms may be obtained through Soul Wars rewards

Treasure Hunter[edit | edit source]

Summoning crates from Treasure Hunter contain charms.

Familiarisation[edit | edit source]

Once per week, the Familiarisation Distraction and Diversion can be done, which gives a reward of 40 minutes of triple charm drops. It is recommended to use this time by killing a monster that drops a lot of crimson charms.

Tetracompasses[edit | edit source]

The tetracompasses from the Archaeology skill can sometimes give 50 blue charms as part of the reward for completing one.

Obtaining Charms through Other methods[edit | edit source]

Charming Imp[edit | edit source]

If you have 21 Summoning and spent some time training Dungeoneering, you can buy a charming imp, which automatically picks up requested charms and converts unwanted charms into small Summoning experience. This can increase the rate of gathering charms significantly and it increases the amount of Combat or Slayer experience earned (per hour). It is highly encouraged to configure the imp to give the player all types of charms; the experience rewarded for converting the charms is much lower than the amount offered by using the charms to make pouches.

Fang of Mohegan[edit | edit source]

The Fang of Mohegan may also be used to provide a slight possibility of a double charm drop.

Charming potion[edit | edit source]

The charming potion is a potion that increases the base number of charms dropped by a monster by 1 for 6 minutes. Special charms such as abyssal charms and talon beast charms are affected by the potion.