Summer Piñatas

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This article is about the Treasure Hunter promotion. For the item, see Summer piñata.
Summer Piñatas is a Treasure Hunter promotion and may not currently be active.

Summer Piñatas is a Treasure Hunter promotion originally released on 14 June 2018 during which summer piñatas are available as prizes.

Tidal Shortsword and its off-hand variant are unlocked automatically by opening Treasure Hunter during the promotion.

Promotional prizes[edit | edit source]

The following promotional prizes are available during this promotion:

Summer piñata
Summer piñata2
Summer piñata4
Hydro Token
Hydro Head
Hydro Body
Hydro Legs
Hydro Hands
Hydro Feet
Tidal Shortsword
Tidal Khopesh
Tidal Shieldbow
Tidal Staff

Release history[edit | edit source]

Summer Piñatas (edit)
Start date End date Update/promo
14 June 2018 18 June 2018 Summer Pinatas