Summary Spirits

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Summary Spirits is an achievement that requires the player to enter all of the Wilderness spirit portals after completing Summer's End. There are 8 in total.

Name Location Minimum Level XP Image Map
Axe Hut reward Magic axe hut (level 55 Wilderness) 50 11,250 Attack experience
Axe Hut (portal).png
Chaos reward Chaos Temple (level 12 Wilderness) 50 7,500 Prayer experience
Chaos Temple (Wilderness portal).png
Dareeyak reward Fortress of Dareeyak (level 22 Wilderness) 50 15,000 Farming experience
Wilderness Ruins (west portal).png
Dragonkin reward Far east of Demonic Ruins (level 47 Wilderness) 50 7,500 Smithing experience
Ruins east of demonic ruins portal.png
Farm reward Summer's farm (level 28 Wilderness) 46 7,500 Farming experience
Wilderness Ruins (east portal).png
Forgotten reward Forgotten Cemetery (level 30 Wilderness) 50 15,000 Prayer experience
Forgotten Cemetery (portal).png
Fortress reward Dark Warriors' Fortress (level 14 Wilderness) 80 15,000 Defence experience
Dark Warrior Fortress (portal).png
Rogue reward Rogues' Castle (level 53 Wilderness) 60 15,000 Thieving experience
Rogues' Castle (portal).png

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