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Suity Level Maximum is an achievement that requires the player to deal at least 2,475 damage to a rock in a single swing, including critical hits and rockertunities. Although damage dealt to rocks when mining is capped at the total hit points of the rock, it is possible to roll higher, meaning this achievement is unlocked by the damage the player would have dealt, not the amount of damage actually dealt.

Some of the boosts that can be used to increase the damage include:

The dwarven ramhammer cannot be used to get this achievement.

A puzzle-solving perspective of the achievement[edit | edit source]

Using a t90 pickaxe and skill boosts would not be sufficient to earn the achievement. Take the following set-up as an example: maxed stats, elder rune pickaxe +5, magic golem outfit, lava titan, overload. Since rockertunity strikes always take the average pickaxe damage as the base, we take 95 as the damage from the pickaxe. Damage from critical hit is 100, mining 109, strength 11. The max damage this set-up can provide is when critically hitting a rockertunity, which is (95+100+109+11)*7 = 2205. It is a long way from 2475, so more skill boosts are not enough to bridge the gap. This means the 70 bonus critical damage from crystal skillchompas is a necessary part of the solution.

However, using crystal skillchompas brings in some restrictions. The skillchompas must be wielded to be truly using them, otherwise the toolbelted t90 pickaxe takes precedence, and the skillchompas do not provide extra critical damage while still being consumed. But they are a t70 mining tool, so mining t80 and t90 rocks would carry a penalty from hardness. Under these constraints, a good set-up is to mine a t70 rock (necrite or phasmatite), with some crystal skillchompas wielded, the magic golem outfit worn, and a lava titan summoned. For a player with maxed skill, the base damage from crystal skillchompa is 74, and the damages from critical hit, mining level and strength level are 170, 109 and 9 respectively. When critically hitting a rockertunity, the damage is (74+170+109+9)*7 = 2534, which is enough for the achievement, with some leeway for players with lower skill levels.

This explains the role that crystal skillchompa plays in the set-up. The magic golem outfit is also necessary, because a x6 multiplier is not enough to reach 2475 damage. With just these 2 tools, 99 mining and 90 strength, the max damage is (74+170+99+9)*7 = 2464, which is a small mining level boost away from 2475. That's why a third boost is needed, but almost anything would do. Lava titan is the biggest among the minor boosts, so that's what is recommend to use.

In conclusion, the set-up needed for the achievement is:

  1. Nearly maxed mining level, and preferably a high strength level.
  2. Some crystal skillchompas wielded.
  3. A full set of magic golem outfit.
  4. A mining level booster, such as lava titan.
  5. Additional boosts if missing too many mining/strength levels, such as ring of whispers, god banner and overload. Note that strength boosts are only 1/10th as effective as mining boosts.
  6. Mining a t70 spot, which means necrite or phasmatite, until critically hitting a rockertunity.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The achievement is named after Suity, a player known for his Mining and Smithing rework guides.
  • 2,475 was the total level initially required to obtain the max cape.