Strength of a Raging Fire

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Strength of a Raging Fire is an achievement that requires the player to defeat Masuta the Ascended in the Temple of Aminishi with at least 7 thrashing waters still remaining.

This achievement can only be completed in normal mode.

Players must keep Protect from Magic on for the remainder of the fight, as the thrashing waters have an extremely long attack range and fast firing rate, preventing players from flicking prayers to block Masuta's ranged attacks in the final phase. As they spawn anywhere in Masuta's arena during the fight, some of these waters may be unable to attack players. A minimum of six waters can be safely destroyed, as the minimum amount of thrashing waters he summons is 13. The maximum that can be destroyed is seven if he summons 14 waters, but this is typically rare.

Prayer flicking is permitted if none of the waters are within range of the player.

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