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This article is about the monster that appears when players have a diamond of Azzanadra. For other uses, see Stranger (disambiguation).

The stranger is a mysterious person who sometimes appears and attacks a player who has a Diamond of Azzanadra in their inventory. He wields a dragon dagger and can use its special attack more frequently than the player can. He is non-attackable to players not doing Desert Treasure, and attempting to attack the stranger when not doing Desert Treasure will yield the message, "He has no interest in fighting you." The stranger sometimes says "Master says hi" when he kills the player he is pursuing.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Avoiding the stranger[edit | edit source]

The moment at which the stranger appears is random, as long as one or more of the gems is in the inventory. He can appear multiple times over the course of the quest. To minimise the risk of the stranger, consider the following:

  • Have a weapon at hand if a fight is planned. Compared to beating Kamil during the quest, the stranger is very easy. He drops nothing other than bones.
  • Have a healthy reserve of Prayer points for Protect from Melee.
  • If using magic, use Impact to bind him and attack him from a distance. This strategy could also be used with ranged by using Binding Shot, but is less effective than maging him.
  • Have teleport options at the ready until you bank the gems. The stranger will not track your teleports, and therefore will not follow you if you teleport away.

Also, always try to keep all your diamonds in your bank for your safety. However, he can appear right after you get one of the diamonds, which can be annoying because you will probably have taken damage or exhausted Prayer from the fights. The more diamonds you have, the greater the chance for him to appear. If he is killed, he will never appear again.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After completing Desert Treasure, the stranger may still appear. He cannot be attacked after completing the quest and will follow the player about. If the player move far enough away from where he started following them, he will lose interest and start following another person, even if they completed or haven't started Desert Treasure.
  • He can appear and attack you in the Familiarisation Distraction and Diversion. The player will fight with the same strength and accuracy as the weapon and the same defence as the armour equipped upon entering the familiar plane but will stay in familiar form while fighting.
  • During a Reddit AMA, the original developer for Desert Treasure claimed that the stranger was meant to foreshadow future things that he never got around to exploring and that the stranger was actually an assassin sent by Sir Tiffy to prevent the release of Azzanadra.[1] Whether or not he was serious is unknown, as Sir Tiffy was not added to the game until over two months after Desert Treasure's release.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Mod James. I used to work on RS, Ask Me Selected Things?. Reddit. 2 May 2016. (Archived from the original on October 6 2018.) "This falls squarely into the "foreshadowing future stuff I never got round to" category XD. He's a Temple Knight assassin dispatched personally by Sir Tiffy to prevent Azzanadras release - what WHAT???"