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A pair of strange switches, switch A and switch B, can be found in the Wilderness east of the Chaos Temple. Pulling each set of switches ten times is a requirement for the easy Wilderness achievement Ten-uous Link. The first switch pulled gives the message: "You begin what you are sure will be an epic journey! 1....." followed by "You're on a new personal best, keep going!" the first time ever you pull it.

Subsequent personal bests receive the message "New personal best - you've activated the lever <n> times."

Pulling subsequent switches occasionally give a random chat message picked out of the following:

  • You hear a click below you, what could that have been?
  • You hear something in the trees rustle....
  • You pull the lever....but at what cost?

Leaving the Wilderness by any means (even logging out) resets the counter. Personal best scores are stored, and whenever you manage to increase that score, you get a notification about it.

There are global broadcast messages displayed whenever someone reaches a positive power of 10 switches first, all the way up to 2,147,483,647.[1] Due to the forced logout at 23 hours, 10,000 is the only broadcast value that has not currently been reached as it would require an immense amount of teamwork to reach it in time.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The message "You pull the lever....but at what cost?" might be a reference to Dragonkin lamps.

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