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A player being affected by a strange power.

Strange powers are events triggered by the death of a Dream of Mah, which causes all of their power to dissipate from their bodies. This energy causes other nearby beings, such as humans, to be engulfed by red mist and to briefly levitate as they feel the effects of it. During Mahjarrat Rituals of Rejuvenation, the energy of the Mahjarrat sacrificed to the Ritual marker is channelled through it onto the other Mahjarrat nearby.[1]

The Daemonheim Event[edit | edit source]

Players at the Grand Exchange first experience the Strange Power.

A strange power caused by the death of the last Chelon-Mah, sacrificed by Bilrach in Daemonheim, occurred at about 19:48 UTC on 23 January 2010. This power was felt all over Gielinor, and was felt by all the players online at the time, in addition to affecting seers. The effects lasted for about seven seconds, and when the players stopped floating, they all faced northeast, towards the future location of Daemonheim. All the players who experienced it received a message saying, "You feel a strange power unleash itself upon you."

After the event occurred, the RuneScape Forums were flooded with threads in relation of the event, asking what happened and speculating as to the cause of it. In one thread, a Jagex Moderator refused to provide any hints on the nature of the event.[2] On the Jagex Twitter channel, a Jagex Moderator posted a hint saying that all will be revealed in time.[3] On the same day, Mod MMH posted an anagram on the official forums for players to solve. The anagram was Acolyte Until.[2] He also said that the answer was four words long and began with an I. Players quickly discovered that the anagram unscrambled to I can't tell you.

On 22 February, 30 days after the power occurred, Daemonheim was added to RuneScape, but was inaccessible. Hilda, one of two Fremennik guards at the entrance, said that the Fremennik had come to the castle, and were currently raiding the dungeons beneath in search of the power. On 12 April, Daemonheim finally became accessible.

Jagex later officially stated that the strange power was a teaser for the Dungeoneering skill, stating, "The strange power that knocked players to their feet in early 2010 came from Daemonheim, or so the Fremennik believe. Their seers traced the source of the power to come from this point in the Wilderness, and they gathered dozens of warriors to explore Daemonheim's depths. Not everyone has come back, however.".

Facts[edit | edit source]

After the initial event, all sorts of speculation and rumours had spread. Among hundreds, only a few were confirmed to be true, which are the following:

Jagex statements[edit | edit source]

  • Mod Calm confirmed on the RuneScape Forums that the phenomenon "wasn't a glitch or a bug."[4]
  • Mod Paul M confirmed that the strange power had nothing to do with the real life earthquake in Haiti.
  • Mod MMH posted an anagram on the official forums for players to solve. The anagram was Acolyte Until. (I cant tell you)[2]
  • Mod Mark confirmed that 120 Dungeoneering is connected to the Strange Power. However, the connection is currently unknown. Currently, in getting 120 Dungeoneering, a player can unlock the Chronicles of Bilrach which can give some insight into what may have occurred. A future update requiring 120 Dungeoneering and relating to the Strange Power is also possible (see point below).
  • A "finale" for the story of Daemonheim has been confirmed. However, like much of the detail of the finale itself, the connection to the Strange Power is not known.

The event[edit | edit source]

  • The emote after the mist was the same emote Cyrisus did when he was fully healed in Dream Mentor (see Gallery).
  • Members and non-members experienced the event.
  • Pets and followers were untouched in the event.
  • The red mist effect lasted for about seven seconds.
  • After the event, all players were placed facing the same direction from different locations, which was north-east for anyone who was on the main plane of Gielinor at the time, which pointed in the direction of Daemonheim. (Other directions were only reported if players were in a cave or activity area.)
  • RuneScape Classic players received the message too, but without any animation.[5]

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Dialogue was added to the following NPC's in relation to the power:

  • Peer the Seer: Uuuh... What was that dark presence I felt?! Ahem, sorry about that.
  • Seers in Seers' Village: Uh, what was that dark force? I've never sensed anything like it... Anyway, sorry about that.
  • Sin Seer: My inner eye is clouded from a wave of darkness; give me a moment. What do you want?
  • In Postbag from the Hedge 44, Azzanadra stated that "As for this 'strange power' of which you speak, the only thing strange about it to me was that it happened, but it did give me a chuckle at the time. I see no connection between it and Bilrach; if he is the one responsible then he has vastly grown in power since our last meeting, many thousands of years past."
  • After Ritual of the Mahjarrat, players may speak to Wahisietel about the strange power, causing him to remark "Ah, you speak of the Daemonheim event. A case of the wrong Mahjarrat being in the wrong place at the wrong time... Such a waste of power." As Bilrach was the only known Mahjarrat alive at the time who had not been seen since, and was also present at Daemonheim when the event occurred, it was thought to be a result of his death.

Explanation[edit | edit source]

During Dishonour among Thieves, Bilrach finally reveals what caused this strange power. According to Bilrach, it was caused by himself sacrificing the last remaining Chelon-Mah (which he had captured and brought to Gielinor from Freneskae) to a ritual marker (also from Freneskae) at the bottom of Daemonheim. The Chelon-Mah in question had sacrificed the rest of the Chelon-Mah tribe and grown extremely powerful as a result (although by the time Bilrach captured it, it was relatively weak), which coupled with the fact that only one Mahjarrat was present to receive the sacrificed energy, is likely why this strange power was felt worldwide, as opposed to most other known examples (such as Jhallan's death).

Ritual of the Mahjarrat[edit | edit source]

Idria experiences the strange power as Jhallan is sacrificed.

During Ritual of the Mahjarrat, when Lucien sacrifices Jhallan as part of the Ritual of Rejuvenation, the player, Sir Tiffy, Idria and Akrisae experience a strange power, causing the message "You feel a strange power unleash itself upon you as the Mahjarrat dies." to appear in your chatbox. Likewise, another strange power occurs as a result of Lucien's death at the hands of the Dragonkin, once again affecting the player, Tiffy and Akrisae, and causing Sir Tiffy to remark "Well, that was odd."

After the quest, Wahisietel may be spoken to for dialogue relating to the power, where he explains that it is caused by Mahjarrat dying, and that is channelled through the Ritual marker during Rituals of Rejuvenation.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The strange power event happened exactly 4 years after the release of Enakhra's Lament on 23 January 2006.
  • Mod Chris L developed the strange power event.
  • According to their examine text, reborn mages were reborn thanks to the strange power. Interestingly, the reborn mages in Daemonheim are identical in appearance to the lesser reborn mages in the Phoenix lair, which were themselves reborn through the Phoenix's power.

References[edit | edit source]

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