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The strange creature is a special being that is created by the player during the max cape emote. The creature is examinable from the beginning of the emote, even when it is just a rock. Due to the cape's requirements, the creature can only be created by someone who has level 99 in all 27 skills as the player uses every skill in order to complete it.

The strange creature.

Creation[edit | edit source]

When a player activates the max cape's special emote, the creature will be created from scratch by using every single skill in the game. The following table describes how each of the skills are used.

Skill Description
Dungeoneering Dungeoneering A massive boulder warps onto the ground in front of the player.
Thieving Thieving The player picks a lock on a chain around the boulder.
Woodcutting Woodcutting The player chops away a tree on the left side of the rock using an inferno adze.
Firemaking Firemaking The wood from the tree burns away in the air due to the power of the inferno adze.
Construction Construction The player cuts away excess rock using a saw on the right side.
Archaeology Archaeology A time sprite flies around the creature.
Mining Mining The player mines away excess rock in front using a crystal pickaxe.
Fletching Fletching The player uses a blessed hatchet to carve a tree branch into the creature's right arm.
Farming Farming The player uses a watering can to water a seed that grows into the creature's left arm.
Smithing Smithing The player removes excess rock on the front of the creature's right leg with a hammer.
Crafting Crafting The player chips details onto the back of the creature with a chisel and hammer.
Divination Divination The player shoots a wisp into the rock.
Invention Invention An augmentor is visible when the wisp is shot into the rock.
Runecrafting Runecrafting The player imbues the face of death onto the creature.
Summoning Summoning The player summons spirit energy and binds it to the creature, awakening it.

Destruction[edit | edit source]

After the player gives life to the creature, it looks at its left hand and makes a fist realising the power it has been given. At the same time the player prepares to duel with the creature. The result of the fight is that the creature is destroyed just as quickly as it was created. These are the skills that the player uses against it in the fight.

Skill Description
Constitution Constitution The player eats a fish to restore life points.
Fishing Fishing The fish that the player eats also represents fishing.
Cooking Cooking The fish that the player eats also represents cooking.
Herblore Herblore The player drinks a potion.
Prayer Prayer The player activates the turmoil prayer.
Agility Agility The player evades an attack with a forward roll.
Hunter Hunter The player catches a grey chinchompa with their left hand.
Ranged Ranged The player throws the grey chinchompa at the creature's face.
Defence Defence The player blocks a blow by the creature's right arm.
Magic Magic The player casts a fire spell at the creature.
Attack Attack The player accurately grabs the creature around the waist with an abyssal whip.
Strength Strength The player pulls the creature using the whip.
Slayer Slayer The slain creature falls to the ground dead.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In some tales of golems, (for example, some versions of those of the golems of Chełm and Prague, as well as in Polish tales and version of Brothers Grimm), a golem is inscribed with Hebrew words, such as the word emet (אמת, "truth" in the Hebrew language) written on its forehead. The golem could then be deactivated by removing the aleph (א) in emet, thus changing the inscription from 'truth' to 'death' (met מת, meaning "dead").