Stormguard portal

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A Stormguard portal can be used to quickly teleport between islands on Stormguard citadel including the portal that is used to access the citadel itself. Each inactive portal platform can be permanently charged with 20 unnoted quintessence at level 70 Divination. Powering a portal grants 2,500 Divination experience.

Activating all four inactive portals unlocks the achievement Any Port in a Storm.

If the user wishes to activate a portal before they have the 91 Archaeology required to excavate quintessence the materials may be obtained from other players.

A player activates the Stormguard Citadel portal.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Name Location
Temple of Ikov Camp
Keshik memorial Citadel entrance (lvl 70), requires Ikovian gerege
Stormguard portal North island, requires Wingsuit v2
Stormguard portal West island, requires Wingsuit v1
Stormguard portal South island, requires Wingsuit v1
Stormguard portal South-west island, requires Wingsuit v1
Portals within the citadel