Stone oppressors of the Pliigi

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This article's name is not canonical.
While the name or title of this topic is not officially recognised by Jagex, the information contained on this page is still considered to be canon and is based on official sources.

The unnamed species of stone-like creatures is a race that live on a world other than Gielinor, who at one point oppressed the Pliigi. V travelled to this world after leaving Gielinor and taught the Pliigi how to stand up to their oppressors, before leaving to fight injustice in different worlds.[1][2] V relates this story to the player during Hero's Welcome.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The race of stone creatures is likely a reference to Mortiga, a stone-like race from Stellar Dawn, a cancelled game developed by Jagex.

Reflist[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ V, "Hero's Welcome", RuneScape. "That's how I showed the Pliigi how to stand up to their stone oppressors."
  2. ^ V, "Hero's Welcome", RuneScape. "I have wandered worlds without end for ages... I always go where a hero is needed, or better yet, where someone to teach people how to be heroes is needed... Rather than settle down and risk becoming a tyrant like other gods, I then move on."