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For the achievement, see Stolen Hearts (achievement).
Not to be confused with Heartstealer.
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Stolen Hearts is the first quest of the Ozan double bill update, which replaces Prince Ali Rescue.

Official description[edit | edit source]

Ozan's in Draynor Village, looking for an old friend who's fallen into bad company. You'll join Ozan as you infiltrate the Draynor underworld, meet an old flame, and become caught up in a kidnapping plot of princely proportions that leads back to Al Kharid – the home from which Ozan was banished years ago.

Traverse the rooftops of the gloriously reworked Al Kharid to steal the mother of all diamonds, and confront the kidnapping villains. You may find, though, that the intrigue runs deeper than you or Ozan ever suspected...

Overview[edit | edit source]

An old friend[edit | edit source]

Ozan chathead.png
The location of Ozan

To start the quest, speak to Ozan in northern Draynor Village. He can be found next to the house with a trapdoor, just south of the potter. He says that he has heard of your adventures and would like your help in one of his own.

When he was growing up in Al Kharid as an inexperienced thief, he became good friends with Khnum, a palace guard. As he became older and more reputed for his thieving skills, Ozan was caught and banished from the city for breaking into the palace, after which he lost touch with everyone in Al Kharid, including Khnum.

Years later, Khnum has now apparently joined an up-and-coming gang who have set up base in Draynor Village. Ozan suspects that his friend, a peace-loving character, is getting involved in something that he cannot deal with on his own.

The Skulls[edit | edit source]

As Khnum is avoiding Ozan, the master thief suggests you pose as a thug interested in working in a gang, and find out if Khnum is safe. The gang, named The Skulls, gather in the cellar of the adjoining building.

The Skullery, the local haunt of the Skulls.

Try to enter through the trapdoor in the building, only to be stopped by the bouncer; threaten him and he will let you in. Talk to Khnum about getting recruited into the gang, which he is the leader of. To become a part of the gang, he wants you to tell him how you would react to certain 'hypothetical' situations.

There are no wrong answers, although each response will decide what title you may get at the end of the quest.

Once he is satisfied with your responses, he officially recruits you into The Skulls. On asking him about the gang's works, he tells you that three of his best men are out performing a kidnapping, and that he can't spare any more details. Khnum tells you to meet him up in the gang headquarters for a job, although refuses to tell you its location. He wants you to find it on your own, proving to him that you are indeed Skulls material.

Betrayal[edit | edit source]

Khnum is not going anywhere...

Exit the den and go back to Ozan, telling him about everything that transpired below. As he does not know the HQ's location either, he suggests following Khnum when he goes there to meet you.

Tail Khnum around Draynor Village, keeping your distance at all times. Eventually, he leads you to the abandoned jail east of the village (do not directly go there yourself, you must keep close to Khnum or you will lose sight of him). Enter the ruins to confront Khnum. When he finds out that you have been working together with Ozan, he explains why he turned over to the dark side.

If you lose Ozan by any manner, he will go back to the abandoned jail.

Interrogating Khnum.

When Ozan was being banished from the city, Khnum was wrongly laid off for assisting his friend and letting him inside the palace. Khnum, serving loyally for the past twenty years, was devastated and became hateful of the city, and Ozan.

Suddenly, Leela appears, mistaking you and Ozan as members of The Skulls, ready to shoot her crossbow. After explaining her the situation, you discover that the kidnapping Khnum mentioned involves Al Kharid's prince, Ali – he was taken while he was touring Lumbridge.

In over his head...[edit | edit source]

Fighting Lady Keli's minions.

You are given a few interrogation techniques to use on Khnum – choose the option to let him stay locked up. Ozan, using his knowledge of Khnum, helps you convince him to give up the kidnapping plan.

Khnum reveals that they are simply henchmen, working for a Lady Keli, and that they only acted as guides around Misthalin, sometimes acting as the muscle. She was supposed to leave via a ship on the south coast of Draynor, along with their captor.

Head south, following the coastline, until you meet up with the kidnappers near the bridge that leads to the Wizards' Tower. Talk to Lady Keli to initiate another cutscene. Keeping a blade on the prince's neck, she warns you to back off. As soon as you refuse, she converts the mercenaries into thralls to fight you before escaping by waters.

Defeat the Skulls mercenaries and Joe and pick up the ransom note, which reads as follows:

Follow the path of the sun into the lion's mouth. The emir's heart for the prince's life. You have until the sun sets on the desert two days from now.

The creed[edit | edit source]

Leela, adamant to get the prince back, requests you to get the news to her father, the Spymaster, Osman. As he does not trust Ozan or you, she gives you a passphrase as a safe passage into the palace quarters. When asked, agree to accompany Ozan to Al Kharid – travel by whatever means are suitable.

When inside the city, head up to the palace entrance. Try to enter, but the guard refuses to let you under any circumstance. Speak to Ozan at the foot of the palace steps; fortunately, he is already hatching a plan to make his way into the palace through the rooftops.

Go to the crafting store in the north-eastern part of the city and make your way to the top. For all of the steps, you must wait until Ozan has also passed the previous obstacle before you can start the next one. If you leave the course in the middle, Ozan will be waiting at the palace entrance. Talk to him to have him follow you again. However, there may be a bug that causes your character to say you need to wait for Ozan when trying to go up the crafting store stairs, despite him already following you. In this case, you have to intentionally make him leave (you can lodestone teleport to Al Kharid to do so) and go through the course yourself, and Ozan will reappear once you reach the palace.

  • Walk across the plank and slide down the awning.
  • Go through the building and across the washing line
  • Climb the ladder, cross the planks and up another ladder
  • Jump down the scaffold, climb down the rug, and swing across the wooden frame
  • Jump to the next building.
  • Bounce across the awning to the bank.
  • Climb up the brickwork and click on the "leave it to Ozan" flagpole, and a momentary cutscene of Ozan firing a grapple at the palace ensues. Shimmy across the rope.

The Kharid-ib[edit | edit source]

Osman and the Ambassador have a heated conversation.

Attempt to climb up the brickwork to trigger another cutscene where the Menaphite ambassador, Jabari is "negotiating" with Osman, Hassan and the Emir to put a Menaphite on the throne of Al Kharid, in case the ailing Emir dies. The Emir instantly abandons the idea of a Menaphite ruling Al Kharid and tells the ambassador that they will find the prince.

After the ambassador and the Grand Vizier leave, the Emir and Osman discuss the kidnap and the ransom. When Osman mentions that the "Kharid-ib" could be a demand, the Emir announces that the Kharid-ib must not leave Al Kharid, though Ali must be recovered at any other cost.

Ozan, opting to keep the prince as the main priority, suggests stealing the "Kharid-ib". Climb the brick-work and break-in through the skylight to the south. Inside the treasure room, open one of the ornate chests to obtain the scroll, History of the Kharid-ib; read it to understand the logic behind a puzzle.

A heavy heart[edit | edit source]

The puzzle.
An example solution. You need to drag the chosen weight to the inventory icon on the top left.

In the centre of the room are 9 weights, 8 of which are equal in weight and the final is heavier than the rest. You need to retrieve the odd weight by inspecting and using the nearby Het scales.

Do NOT click reset before depositing a weight in your backpack, or the game will think that there are no weights on the scale even if you reset the puzzle again. If this happens, relogging should fix the issue.

You have exactly two weighings to determine which is the heaviest weight.

  • Place any two random sets of 3 weights on each side of the scales, and click on the green gem on Het's collar.
    • If one side is heavier than the other, you know that one of the three on the lower side is the heavy one.
    • If both sides weigh the same, then you know that the heavy weight is one of the three that you didn't move.
  • Now that you have it narrowed down to 3 weights, put one of those 3 on the left side, another on the right and the third one aside on its own.
    • If the scale tips towards one of the weights, that is the heaviest weight.
    • If the two chosen weights are the same you know that the third one, the one that you did not weigh but set aside on its own, is the heaviest one.
  • Once you find the heavy weight, drag the weight to the bag in the top-left corner of the screen to place it into your inventory.

If you log off, you will find yourself outside the palace. Simply talk to Ozan again to be taken back into the treasure room. Alternatively, you can right-click the statue and "reset".

Dying hearts[edit | edit source]

Use the weight on the Kharid-ib display to exchange it with the diamond. As you're doing so, the guards are alerted and a cutscene ensues, where you and Ozan are caught by Osman. You try to explain, but Osman doesn't trust either of you — until you tell him the passphrase that Leela told you (if you fail to do so, Ozan will eventually say it).

Audio options icon.png
Congratulations, you have completed Stolen Hearts!

Osman, hearing that you indeed work with his daughter, orders his guards to stand down. You hand the diamond over to him and are taken to the Emir, who forbids it to be used as ransom. In the ensuing discussion, the Emir dies and Osman decides to let you and Ozan go free — and reinstate Ozan with a citizenship.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Stolen Hearts reward.png
Music unlocked
  1. ^ 1 Players who complete the quest as free-to-play can later claim these lamps by speaking to Osman should they become members at a later date.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Stolen Hearts is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

Completion of Stolen Hearts is required for the following:

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Cultural references[edit | edit source]

  • The Skullery Bouncer's examine text says "The wonderful thing about 'Bouncer' is that he's the only one." This is a reference to Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.
  • All of Leela's passphrases are references to Persian narrations:
  • An important part of the Egyptian soul was thought to be the Ib (jb), or heart. The Ib or metaphysical heart was believed to be formed from one drop of blood from the child's mother's heart, taken at conception. This is where the -ib suffix of the Kharid-ib originates from.
    • Diamonds are separated into 4 types one of which is "type Ib", however, as Mod Srowley explains, this is a coincidence.
  • The scales of Het are a possible reference to The Judgement of Osiris.
  • In the beginning of the quest, Khnum mentions "The unicorn head in the bed trick", a reference to The Godfather as well as faking the gang member's death with the "old cadava berry trick", which is a reference to the former quest Romeo & Juliet. He also calls you a bit of an "Artful Dodger," a reference to a character in the novel Oliver Twist.
  • When interrogating Khnum in jail, he says "A man cannot live off bread alone", which is a reference to the Bible verse – Deuteronomy 8:3 (later quoted by Matthew 4:4 as well), "Man does not live on bread alone...".
  • The quest shares many similarities in movement to the Assassin's Creed franchise, seen while stalking Khnum and traversing via the rooftops.
  • Ozan and Leela could be a reference to the original Star Wars trilogy and the characters Han and Leia. Aside from their similarly sounding names, they share a feisty relationship and the banished hero refers to her as 'Princess.'
  • The original title for the quest was "Ozan's Thirteen", a pun on Ocean's Thirteen.

Credits[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 9 December 2019 (Update):
    • Ozan now holds his bow in the correct hand for his combat animation while fighting Lady Keli's minions on the shores of Draynor during the Stolen Hearts quest.
  • patch 16 March 2015 (Update):
    • Minor issues with Ozan's voice-over during the Stolen Hearts quest have been fixed.
  • patch 1 December 2014 (Update):
    • The getaway boat in Stolen Hearts will no longer sail though the cliff-side.
  • patch 22 April 2014 (Update):
    • A client error that was occurring when players destroyed weights during Stolen Hearts has been fixed.
  • patch 17 February 2014 (Update):
    • An issue with the 'Stolen Hearts' weight puzzle, which was stopping weights from being dragged, has been fixed.
  • patch 21 January 2014 (Update):
    • An issue where players were unable to progress past the point where Ozan asks to follow/stalk Khnum in Stolen Hearts has been fixed.
  • patch 13 January 2014 (Update):
    • The "following Khnum" section of Stolen Hearts has been tweaked, making it easier for players to follow him.
    • Some tweaks have been made to the Stolen Hearts quest journal to better remind returning players where they are and what they're doing.
    • The door to The Skullery building used in Stolen Hearts has been removed.
    • A cutscene in Stolen Hearts has been changed, so it isn't necessary to click twice to begin a fight section.
    • A world map introduction has been added during Stolen Hearts, to point the player towards the location of a Crafting store while on the Path System.
    • A tutorial about minimap highlighting has been added to the start of Stolen Hearts, while on the Path System.
    • A tutorial about the Reset Camera button has been added to the start of Stolen Hearts, while on the Path System.
  • patch 14 January 2013 (Update):
    • F2P players who lost membership while a pet cat was following them, should no longer have issues getting Ozan to follow them during Stolen Hearts.
  • patch 2 October 2012 (Update):
    • Fixed some typos in the Stolen Hearts quest.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Ozan Double Bill banner.jpg
  • The Arabic writing on the banner roughly translates to "Ozan in a Quest".
  • Khnum's Skulls is a play on the word numbskulls.[1]
  • The text on the weights is in the Menaphite script revealed with the Menaphos pre-release, and reads "TMKN hears", potentially confirming that the Kharid-ib is directly connected to Tumeken in some way.

References[edit | edit source]

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