Statue of Glarial

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This article is about the scenery in the Waterfall Dungeon. For the God Statue, see Statue of Queen Glarial (God Statues).

The statue of Queen Glarial can be found in the northern-most chamber of the Waterfall Dungeon. During the Waterfall Quest, using Glarial's amulet on the statue is one of the steps required to reach the Chalice of Eternity. The player revisits the dungeon during The Light Within. During this quest, the player and Arianwyn travel to the dungeon in order to find King Baxtorian and the Seren shard that he holds. After Arianwyn awakes Baxtorian from the crystal statue that he has sealed himself into, Baxtorian reveals that he has hidden his shard in the statue of Queen Glarial, which he then reverts to its original form.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Baxtorian, "The Light Within", RuneScape. "My grief was so strong that I could not bear it. But I still had that most painful of afflictions... I still had hope. Hope that one day, Glarial and I might be reunited. So, I hid the shard, that was mine to ward, in a statue of my beloved and then I transformed. It is an ancient spell, intended to imprison my enemies, but I was my own worst enemy. Once the spell was complete I was just crystal and then I waited."