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The Star Lodge was a former inn and front for a Zamorakian demon cult, the Order of Dis, at the turn of the Third Age, whose ruins form part of the Infernal Source Dig Site, located outside the northern gates of Varrock, next to the current Jolly Boar Inn. Its cellar is first accessible to the player with level 20 Archaeology and hosts the Infernal Source - Star Lodge cellar excavation site which is one of the first of several excavation sites that ultimately lead to the Source.

History[edit | edit source]

The following information is detailed in the founder's journal pages, found at the site's excavation hotspots.

Created by Duchess Philippa Wharton, a follower of Zamorak, the Star Lodge inn was a place for followers of Zamorak to safely convene, supposedly being a Saradominist establishment. Following Zaros' "death" by Zamorak's betrayal, the former Mahjarrat was immediately escorted to Infernus by his demonic supporters, having pledged to help the Avernic overthrow their Chthonian overlords. As a result of this immediate transport, Zamorak's remaining followers on Gielinor were forced to lay low to avoid being eradicated by the other gods.

Duchess Philippa Wharton, a human follower of Zamorak, believed that the best way to survive was to hide in plain sight, and by naming the establishment as the Star Lodge (referring to Saradomin), they would be able to avoid detection. The inn was popular amongst the wealthy, specialising in hookah and various drinks. She then founded the Order of Dis alongside the other Zamorakians, overseeing the creation of a secret dungeon underneath the fireplace. This dungeon contained a sacrificial altar, torture chamber, sleeping quarters for the cultists and a ritual room that led to the Infernal Source.

The inn gradually declined in popularity and was abandoned over the course of the Third Age, presumably collapsing and disappearing by the fall of Saranthium. The cellar, the only part of the Lodge to survive, would remain hidden until the Sixth Age, when Movario learned of its link to the Infernal Source and invited the player to help, as his former guard Darve refused to help.

Excavation site[edit | edit source]

The Star Lodge cellar's fireplace and art storage excavation sites.
Excavation Hotspot Requirement Artefacts Materials
Lodge bar storage 20 Archaeology Archaeology Opulent wine goblet (damaged)

Hookah pipe (damaged)



Third Age iron

Lodge art storage 24 Archaeology Archaeology 'Disorder' painting (damaged)

Crest of Dagon (damaged)

Cadmium red

Samite silk


White oak

Material cache Requirement
2x Cadmium red.png: RS3 Inventory image of Cadmium redCadmium red 24 Archaeology Archaeology

There are also six storage chests containing various items, including Crests of Dagon, one damaged, and another intact - as well as some of the materials needed to repair them. Obtaining all items unlocks the Looting Stars achievement.

The Star Lodge's sign, a twelve-pointed star.

Mysteries[edit | edit source]

The Star Lodge cellar features one mystery, wherein the player learns the true history of the lodge and gains access to the Dungeon of Disorder underneath. The player may begin this mystery by interacting with the gutted fireplace at the northern end of the cellar. All four of the founder's journal pages, found by excavating the lodge bar storage and lodge art storage, are required to solve it.

Special Research[edit | edit source]

The Star Lodge also features an opportunity for special research. The player may enable this particular research assignment by examining the Star Lodge sign in the northwestern corner.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 4 May 2020 (Update):
    • A missing cadmium red material cache has been returned to its rightful place in Star Lodge cellar.