Staff (class 5)

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Staff (class 5) is a magical weapon in the Stealing Creation minigame, made using sacred clay class 5 on a creation kiln. These staves can be crafted with level 80 Crafting and require level 80 Magic to use. Its accuracy is identical to that of the Chaotic staff.

Combat stats[edit | edit source]

Table of staves
IconClassLevel to useLevel to make
Staff (class 1).pngClass 11 MagicMagic1 CraftingCrafting
Staff (class 2).pngClass 220 MagicMagic20 CraftingCrafting
Staff (class 3).pngClass 340 MagicMagic40 CraftingCrafting
Staff (class 4).pngClass 460 MagicMagic60 CraftingCrafting
Staff (class 5).pngClass 580 MagicMagic80 CraftingCrafting