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Not to be confused with Squeck.
Squick chathead.png

Squick is a castaway on the island Quis-land.

A message in a bottle is found on the third island of The Islands That Once Were Turtles which can be investigated to receive a treasure map.

The message in a bottle to locate this castaway is currently visible. (wrong?) Once a message in a bottle is found and when a player has walked near its spawn location when it was visible it will always be visible, unless the message in the bottle or its treasure map is in the player's bank or inventory.

On the island, players can talk to Squick, a flying squid. It has a fear of approaching water due to The Harbinger patrolling the seas. It requests to be taken back to Nishi. It claims to be a parent when mistaken for a child. Occasionally, Squick will ink leaving squano on the ground below where it was floating while exclaiming Ick!.

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