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Spiritualise Food is a Lunar spell released with the Livid Farm on 4 April 2011. It can only be unlocked by training at the Livid Farm, and is unlocked after the player accumulates 200,000 Produce Points. It is cast on food in your inventory in order to heal a familiar. Once eaten by your follower the food will heal it, boost its combat stats and replenish its timer. This spell has a cooldown of two minutes, and can only be used once per familiar. The boosted combat stats are only temporary and decay back to base levels over time, similar to the effect of stat boosting potions on players.

This spell can only be cast upon food that heals 1200 or more life points. E.g. it will work fine on a monkfish, but will not work on a strawberry.

The increase in time depends on the familiar's time rather than on the food used in general. The more time the familiar has, the more time is raised. This spell can also be cast on food from Herblore Habitat.

Spiritualise Food costs 2,417 per cast, not including the cost of food used and takes up 4 inventory spaces.

When tested using the monster examine spell it appears to boost familiar combat stats by approximately 7% rounded down and had no effect on familiar max hit damage.

The extended time benefit can be applied at a bank or shortly after summoning a familiar. Thus, it may be most useful on beasts of burden, when you have periodic access to a bank and can get runes and food without wasting inventory space. For example, Runecrafting with a Spirit graahk or using Abyssal familiars, training Summoning with a Spirit kyatt, or running items while using a beast of burden such as a Spirit terrorbird, War tortoise, or Pack yak. A player could extend the timer on a healing familiar or combat familiar shortly after summoning the familiar in between slayer tasks.

The boost can be useful on spiritual mage slayer assignments, since they drop all the required runes needed, bringing down the required spaces down from four to one.

An unintentional update meant players were told this spell must be cast on food items which heals 120 or more, even if you cast it on Food (class 3) or above (which healed more than what was the minimum).

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