Spiritbloom (plant)

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Fibres from this plant can be spun and woven to form spiritbloom cloth. (Tier 10)

Spiritbloom is a plant located only within a dungeon in the skill Dungeoneering. The plant is found fully grown and can be picked by members if they have 90 Farming or higher yielding 94 farming experience each when soloing or if the people in the Dungeon with you don't have the required farming level. Picking the plant yields 1-10 pieces of Spiritbloom.

The plants can be spun to make Spiritbloom cloth which is used to make Spiritbloom equipment. It requires 98 Crafting to make a full set. It's the 2nd best magic gear next to Celestial equipment, which can only be obtained as monster drops, making Spiritbloom equipment the best craftable magic armour in Dungeoneering.