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Spirit shards are bits of the large obelisk in the Spirit Plane, used in the Summoning skill along with charms to create pouches to summon familiars. Players can purchase spirit shards from Pikkupstix in Taverley for 25 coins each, and at the other Summoning shops (including the Pet shops). They can also be obtained by opening sedimentary and igneous geodes.

Spirit shards are commonly used for trading items worth over max cash limit (that is 2,147,483,647 coins, equal to 231-1) because shards can be exchanged for coins at 25 coins each in very large quantities and almost immediately, at certain NPCs. See the section Storage of value.

Storage of value[edit | edit source]

Spirit shards are commonly used to buy or sell items worth over max cash. They can also be used in trades involving multiple valuable items, or generally as a replacement for coins at any amount. A player can buy and sell large amounts of spirit shards at 25 coins each at NPCs without the assistance of other players. For this reason, the Grand Exchange value of shards is irrelevant.

To sell many shards, one can go to a Summoning shop and right-click to sell all shards. (There is no "sell X" option.) The player will receive 25 coins each because shards are a special item that shops will buy at the same price as they are sold. By selling all shards, one can sell up to a max cash stack worth of shards in one action (equivalent to 2.147 billion coins or 85.88 million shards), although the sell action will be cancelled (nothing gained or lost) if sale would completely maximise both the money pouch and a coin stack in the inventory, with the message "You don't have enough space in your money pouch to make that trade." Due to game mechanics, a player would not be able to start another stack of coins in the inventory even if they had more shards and attempted to sell more shards. Similarly, a player cannot have multiple stacks of coins in the bank. At this point, the player must use the coins before attempting to sell more shards. Example options are to bank some coins, set up Grand Exchange buy offers, or buy other desired items for coins.

To buy many shards, one should go to a Summoning shop (see section Store locations) and buy as many shard packs as desired. Again, because of the lack of a "buy X" option, one should right-click to buy all. The maximum value of a single purchase action is one max cash stack, rounded down to exactly 17,179 packs. The base stock is 65,000 packs, equivalent to 325 million shards, 8.125 billion coins, or 3.78 max cash stacks. A store's stock is unaffected by other players buying from the store. Different stores may have exactly linked stock. The restock rate is somewhat fast but not immediate. If the shop stock is exhausted, a player must wait or seek help from other players.

The maximum stack of shards that can be traded in one trade action is one max stack. This is equivalent to about 53.68 billion coins. If a player is trading items valued over this amount, different approaches must be used.

A player can store up to max stack of spirit shard packs in their bank; approximately equivalent to 268 trillion coins. However, these packs are not tradeable.

Swapping[edit | edit source]

An ogre called Bogrog has the ability to exchange shards for completed pouches. Bogrog can be found at the obelisk and Summoning shop near the entrance to the ogre city of Gu'Tanoth. He will swap out Summoning pouches for 70% of the shards it took to make them, rounded up to the nearest whole shard. He will only return about 30% of the shards for Summoning scrolls.

However, players need minimum Summoning levels, which begin at 21 and increases for higher Summoning pouches. For example, a spirit terrorbird pouch requires level 52 Summoning and 12 spirit shards to make. Trading it to Bogrog requires level 58 Summoning, and yields 9 spirit shards in return.

Players with access to Prifddinas may prefer to use Lord Amlodd who initially will exchange pouches on the same terms as Bogrog. Upon completing the Hard Tirannwn tasks, Lord Amlodd will swap pouches for roughly 10% more shards.

Up to 30,000 pouches can be swapped at a time.

How many shards do you need to buy?[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Long before Summoning was released, in the time of RuneScape Classic, Jagex developed the Life rune, but never released it. It was meant for Summoning, as by then it was meant to be a part of the Magic skill. This was changed when Jagex believed that Magic was getting more fleshed out with new spellbooks. Summoning ended up being a separate skill with spirit shards and charms as pouch ingredients.

When Summoning was released, spirit shards were set at 50 coins each. This high price stirred a lot of criticism from players who felt they were too expensive. Players also complained that familiars were not very useful. Jagex initially countered that the price of shards and the number needed for each pouch type was carefully considered and meant to balance the true worth of the summoned familiar. However, Jagex made several changes to address these continuing concerns, possibly influenced by economic changes resulting from game modifications relating to Real-World Trading and Unbalanced Trade.

In the Summoning Changes update of 17 January 2008 (just two days after Summoning was released), Jagex decreased the price of shards from 50 to 25 coins each.[1] In the Summoning 2 update of 31 March 2008, they made several changes to make the familiars themselves more cost-effective and useful.[2] Until September 2009, spirit shards were a "junk" item, that were rarely bought for 25 coins each. Players often sold spirit shards for 20 coins each or lower, plus junk, on the forums. It was also possible to buy pouches and swap to Bogrog to obtain shards cheaper than 25 coins each without junk. For example, a granite lobster pouch worth about 2700 coins on the Grand Exchange gave 117 shards (2925 coins at 25 each), which is under 23.1 coins per shard.

Originally, spirit shards could not be traded on the Grand Exchange, but in September 2008, Jagex allowed it to be traded on the Grand Exchange, with a median price of 25 coins, and a buy limit of 10,000 per four hours. This limit was increased to 500,000 in September 2021.

In September 2009, Jagex removed the infinite stock of spirit shards from the shops, instead giving them a personalized stock of 65,000. Many players complained that this was too low of a stock, especially combined with the "Buy-500" instead of "Buy-X". In response, Jagex created Spirit shards packs, effectively returning infinite stock of Spirit shards. An option to sell spirit shards to pet store owners (such as the one in Yanille) was also added. Due to the Free Trade and Wilderness Update on 1 February 2011, pet shops no longer have a 50,000 shard maximum sell limit per transaction; you can now just enter the amount of spirit shards you'd like to sell.

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Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 6 January 2020 (Update):
    • Players can no longer receive Spirit Shards when they already have a full stack in their inventory.
  • hidden 9th September 2008 (Update):
    • Spirit shards are made tradeable in the Grand Exchange.
  • patch 12 August 2008 (Update):
    • Bogrog now checks for the correct Summoning level when exchanging praying mantis pouches for shards.

References[edit | edit source]

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