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A spirit pengatrice is a variant of the Spirit cockatrice familiar. Like the Spirit cockatrice, it is a level 43 Summoning familiar whose Spirit pengatrice pouch requirements includes an egg incubated by a Spirit cobra - in this case a Penguin egg instead of a chicken egg. Like the Spirit cockatrice, it can use the Spirit Cockatrice scroll (Petrifying Gaze) - in this case targeting the opponent's Magic skill instead of their Defence skill.

The Spirit pengatrice may also randomly produce more Cockatrice eggs.

Note: The spirit pengatrice is one of the easiest to make because the eggs can be obtained easily from the penguin keepers at the Ardougne Zoo. If a Spirit cobra is placed there by the player, it can turn the eggs into Pengatrice Eggs and take them to the bank etc. Be aware that players need 63 summoning to use this method.

Spirit pengatrice pouch[edit | edit source]


Spirit Cockatrice scroll (Petrifying Gaze)[edit | edit source]


A spirit pengatrice is created by using a Spirit cockatrice pouch on a summoning obelisk. Doing this grants 10 scrolls. It is possible to use the Pengatrice pouch to produce the same scroll.

Petrifying Gaze[edit | edit source]

Like the Spirit cockatrice, the Spirit pengatrice can use the Petrifying Gaze special attack, though it drains the opponent's Magic level instead of Defence by up to 3.

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