Spirit kyatt pouch(u)

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Spirit kyatt pouch(u) can no longer be obtained in RuneScape after an update but still exists in-game for those who had done so.
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The spirit kyatt pouch(u) was introduced as part of a Summoning skill rework on 3 December 2013. Players could craft unfinished summoning pouches anywhere in the world and then infuse them at an obelisk to become usable. This update was not well received, and the change was reverted two weeks later.

It was made by combining a blue charm with 153 spirit shards and a Kyatt fur. This required level 57 Summoning and gave no experience. The unfinished pouch could then be infused at an obelisk to make the Spirit kyatt pouch, giving 501.6 Summoning experience.

Spirit gems, which are dropped by all monsters that drop a single charm and could be received from the Squeal of Fortune, functioned similarly to Runecrafting pouches and stored uncharged summoning pouches before an update. They now give a chance of saving a charm when making familiar pouches. Uncharged pouches did not have to be withdrawn from the gem to be imbued, although there was a glitch that made them not give experience while they were stored in the gem before the update was reverted.

Any leftover uncharged pouches may still be converted into experience. Clicking one in the inventory prompts a warning message: This item no longer has use. Convert it and claim the xp contained within? Choosing 'Yes' will convert all pouches in the inventory into 501.6 summoning experience each.