Spirit attraction flask

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For the vial version, see Spirit attraction potion.

The spirit attraction flask is a spirit attraction potion that has been decanted into a potion flask, containing up to six doses instead of four. It is only tradeable in six-dose form, but lesser doses can be decanted back to six doses.

The flask can be poured into a potion reservoir to automatically use it.

The potion automatically collects various spirits that are typically spawned while skilling for six minutes when consumed. The potion does not collect spirits that are already spawned.

The potion will automatically collect the following spirits as they are spawned:

When the potion is active, the sentence: Your spirit attraction potion allows you to catch the spirit as it spawns. will be sent after the spirits spawn message, or replace the last portion of the spirit's spawn message with Your spirit attraction potion allows you to catch it as it spawns. in the same colour as the spirit's spawn message.

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