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This article is about the spirit tree in Prifddinas. For other spirit trees, see spirit tree.
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The Spirit Tree in Prifddinas is a huge spirit tree that has grown from the bottom of the crater that Prifddinas is situated over. She can be found in the Crwys district of the city, next to Glouron. Although all players can teleport from her, before they can teleport to her, they must have learned how to grow three spirit trees at once from Glouron, which requires level 89 Farming and completion of Prisoner of Glouphrie.

If talked to, she requests that players grow spirit trees in Brimhaven, Etceteria, and the Manor Farm (previously Port Sarim) and says that Glouron will reward them if they do so. If players choose to fulfil her request, once all three trees are fully grown (and their health has been checked), Glouron will award a farming XP lamp worth 50,000 experience.

According to Glouron, she has been growing since the original incarnation of Prifddinas was built in the First Age, and has remained there ever since. While the city was reverted to crystal seed, she could only look down at the elf camp on the crater below her, and not talk to anyone due to her immense height. She was also cut off from the Anima Mundi, and as such could not talk to the other spirit trees.[1] Now that the city is restored and she has people to talk to, she has garnered a reputation for being extremely talkative, and is once again part of the Anima Mundi.[2]

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  2. ^ Glouron, "Prifddinas", RuneScape. "This is one of the largest spirit trees I've seen. She's been growing here since the first city was founded and has been on her own for all those years. She was so tall that she could look down at that old elf camp, but could not talk to anyone. Of course now that she's got people to talk to, she barely shuts up!"