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Spinners are creatures in Pest Control that appear as spinning tops or jellyfish, and float above the ground.

They are essentially battlefield repairmen, as Spinners are not aggressive towards players and don't retaliate back against attacks. Instead, they repair the portal they were deployed from. If multiple Spinners are repairing a portal, it can be very hard to damage the portal, as they will quickly restore all of its health.

Should the portal be destroyed with a nearby Spinner, it will explode and poison nearby players. If the spinner was lured far enough, then it will not explode. The poison does negligible damage regardless.

Level table[edit | edit source]

Level Life points Max hit Colour Novice Intermediate Veteran
42 3000 ?? White tentacles Yes No No
51 3700 ?? Brown tentacles Yes Yes No
64 4600 662 Purple tentacles Yes Yes Yes
77 5500 792 Blue tentacles No Yes Yes
89 6400 921 Grey tentacles No Yes Yes

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