Spiderlogical Warfare

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Spiderlogical Warfare is an achievement that requires the player to defeat Spyndra in the Dragonkin Laboratory while having one of the following items in the player's inventory:

This achievement can only be completed in normal mode.

The spider leg bottom, middle and top do not work.

Spyndra spawns near the beginning of the dungeon but does not spawn in every dungeon. To check if she has spawned, open the first gate and the gate directly to the east, then run to the three-way intersection. If she has spawned, she will appear on the northern path.

Araxxi's eye, fang, and web are untradeable, but the spider leg is tradeable, so non-ironmen players can simply buy the spider leg if they do not want to fight Araxxi. However, ironmen players will have to fight her to obtain one of the four items required for the achievement.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The achievement name is a play on the term psychological warfare, referring to actions that are intended to reduce an enemy's morale.