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Spectrum Equity Investors is a venture capital firm that invested in Jagex Ltd. in February 2010[2] as part of a growth investment, along with The Raine Group and Insight Venture Partners.

They held a 17.84% stake in Jagex until June 2016 when they sold all of their stake to investors from Shandong Hongda as part of a buyout of all parties invested in Jagex.

Jim Quagliaroli and Chris Mitchell joined the board of directors as Constant Tedder, Andrew Gower and Paul Gower left. In a press release, Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard said the following:

Both Spectrum and Raine bring a wealth of expertise and it gives me great delight to be able to welcome them to the Jagex team. It's a great privilege to serve alongside such esteemed individuals and their wider organisations. This investment will hugely benefit both the Jagex team and our loyal community, and I'm confident that Jagex will continue to go from strength to strength. I fully expect that the collective experience of the shareholder base will be highly advantageous as we embark on our next chapter of growth.
Mark Gerhard

Spectrum Equity's other investments include Ancestry.com, Demand Media and NetQuote.[3]

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