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The familiar interface for a Spirit Terrorbird. The Summoning spell points is the green bar near the bottom of the interface and is fully charged. The 0s by the Inventory and Summoning icons mean that the player has no Spirit Terrorbird scroll (Tireless Run) in their inventory or familiar.

Special moves are a feature of the Summoning skill. They are unique abilities possessed by Summoning familiars, and are activated by using Summoning scrolls. Their effects include dealing more damage to an opponent, healing the player, banking items, and many other aids to combat and skilling. The potency of a special move increases with higher level familiars.

In addition to Summoning scrolls, special moves cost points, represented as a spell point bar in the Summoning interface. A full bar equates to 60 spell points. Each use of a special move depletes these points, until there are not enough for the familiar to perform any further moves. Special moves can be activated by clicking on the howling wolf icon in the Summoning interface or by setting it as the left click option on the Summoning icon on the action bar. Mousing over the howling wolf icon details the special move and how many points it costs. The number above the icon indicates how many scrolls are held.

By storing in a familiar the necessary scrolls, it will use its special move automatically, given it has the required spell points. The amount of attacks between special moves can be changed by right-clicking the spell point bar. Values from 0 to 15 are permissible; choosing 0 means the familiar will never use its special move. A combat familiar can hold up to 500 scrolls, which can be withdrawn by using the take beast of burden items button. If a familiar despawns whilst holding a set of scrolls, unconsumed scrolls will be placed in the player's inventory if there is space, and on the ground if there is not.

The points cost for each special move varies, ranging from 3 points for low-level moves like Howl and Dreadfowl Strike to 20 for the wolpertinger's Magic Focus and the unicorn stallion's Healing Aura. The spell point bar will recharge over time at a rate of 15 points per every 30 seconds, thus taking 2 minutes to recharge fully.

A Summoning potion, as well as a spiritual prayer potion, both restore 15 of the familiar's Summoning spell points per dose as well as restoring a player's Summoning points.

A Summoning renewal potion will gradually restore a total of 60 special move points over a time period of 6 minutes, along with 545 regular summoning points.

Owning a spirit cape will reduce the spell point cost by 20%. This affects both combat and non-combat familiars. The cape does not need to be worn for this effect.

Each potency level of spirit weed incense sticks provides 10% increased familiar special attack recovery rate. The potency level will increase every 10 minutes and will reach its maximum at level 4 meaning a 40% increased recovery rate. Overloading consumes 6 sticks but instantly provides the maximum potency.

The Prism of Restoration is a Seren spell that creates a 15x15 area of effect prism that works on any non-Ironman player with accept aid on and lasts for 40 seconds. It heals familiars and increases their special attack energy by 1 special point every 3 ticks (1.8 seconds). It also has an approximate 10% chance of saving special move scrolls when they're used near it.

The level of spell points remains with the player even after a familiar is gone.

List of all Special moves[edit | edit source]

A player using the Stony Shell special move for a Granite Crab
Familiar Summoning level Special move Effect Cost Cost (Spirit cape.png) Combat
Abyssal demon (familiar) 85 Abyssal Block Bind and teleblock the target for 9.6 seconds. 20 16 Yes
Abyssal lurker 62 Abyssal Stealth Temporarily increases a player's Agility and Thieving by 4 levels. 20 16 No
Abyssal titan 93 Essence Shipment Sends all essence (pure and rune) in the player's and the titan's inventory to the bank. 6 4.8 No
Arctic bear 71 Arctic Blast Deals up to 921 magic damage, with a chance of stunning the opponent. 6 4.8 Yes
Adamant minotaur 76 Adamant Bull Rush Deals up to 993 ranged damage, with a chance of stunning the opponent. 6 4.8 Yes
Barker toad 66 Toad Bark Launches a cannonball at the opponent, dealing up to 1152[1] ranged damage. 6 4.8 Yes
Bloated leech 49 Blood Drain Drains 100 life points, but restores stats and removes poison. 6 4.8 Yes
Blood reaver (familiar) 73 Blood Siphon Transfer 10% of the familiar's maximum health (830 lifepoints heal) to you. 6 4.8 Yes
Bunyip 68 Swallow Whole Allows players to eat an uncooked fish, restoring life points as if it were cooked, if they have the Cooking level to cook the fish. 3 2.4 No
Dreadfowl 4 Dreadfowl Strike Long-ranged magic attack which deals up to 51 life points and has a chance to hit twice simultaneously 3 2.4 Yes
Evil turnip 42 Evil Flames Magic attack which drains the enemy's magic level and slightly heals the Evil turnip when used. 6 4.8 Yes
Forge regent 76 Inferno Deals up to 993 magic damage, disarming an enemy's weapon or shield. 6 4.8 Yes
Fruit bat 69 Fruitfall Sends the bat in search of fruit, dropping up to eight random fruit around the player. 6 4.8 No
Gargoyle (familiar) 75 Hammer Rock Your next Mining swing to deal 50% more damage. 6 4.8 No
Geyser titan 89 Boil Deals magic damage based on the enemy's armour bonus, hitting a max of 1600 against unarmoured enemies. 6 4.8 Yes
Ghast (familiar) 87 Ghastly request Restores 100 prayer points. 20 16 No
Giant ent 78 Acorn Missile Deals up to 1022 magic damage. 6 4.8 Yes
Granite crab 16 Stony Shell Temporarily boosts the player's Defence by 4 levels. 12 9.6 No
Granite lobster 74 Crushing Claw Deals up to 964 magic damage and temporarily decreases an opponent's Defence by 5 levels. 6 4.8 Yes
Hellhound (familiar) 45 Soul Food Heal the Hellhound familiar for 10% of its maximum health (2,000 lifepoints heal). 20 16 Yes
Holy scarab 80 Bone Conjure Conjure a random bone into the player's inventory. 15 12 No
Hydra 80 Regrowth When used on a farming tree stump, it automatically regrows the associated tree without delay. 6 4.8 No
Iron titan 95 Iron Within Inflicts three attacks instead of one in the next attack, each hit dealing up to 1238 damage. 18 14.4 Yes
Kal'gerion demon (familiar) 90 Crit-i-Kal Temporarily provide the player, the familiar, and other nearby players with a +5% critical strike buff for 15 seconds. The buff acts in a 7x7 square centred on the south west corner of the familiar. 30 24 Yes
Lava titan 83 Ebon Thunder Deals up to 1300+ magic damage, and can drain an enemy's adrenaline by 10% if they have over 50% adrenaline. 4 3.2 Yes
Meerkat 4 Fetch casket Digs at the location of an active clue scroll, bypassing any god wizard fights that would have ensued normally. 12 9.6 Yes
Spirit mosquito 17 Pester Familiar attacks an enemy even if it is not currently a target of the player 3 2.4 Yes
Mithril minotaur 66 Mithril Bull Rush Deals up to 864 ranged damage, with a chance of stunning the opponent. 6 4.8 Yes
Obsidian golem 73 Volcanic Strength Temporarily boosts the player's Strength by 9 levels. 12 9.6 No
Pack yak 96 Winter Storage When used on an item in the player's inventory, instantly banks it remotely. 12 9.6 No
Praying mantis 75 Mantis Strike Deals up to 979 magic damage, drains the opponent's prayer, and binds them for 1.8 seconds (3 ticks). 6 4.8 Yes
Ravenous locust 70 Famine Allows the locust to "eat" a piece of the opponent's food. 12 9.6 Yes
Ripper Demon (familiar) 96 Death From Above A variant of the Ripper Demon's instant-kill attack, leaping up into the air before crashing down and striking the opponent once, dealing 200-320% damage of their maximum hit. 20 16 Yes
Rune minotaur 86 Rune Bull Rush Deals up to 1123 ranged damage, with a chance of stunning the opponent. 6 4.8 Yes
Smoke devil 61 Dust Cloud Deals up to 792 magic damage on up to 6 random nearby enemies. 6 4.8 Yes
Spirit cobra 63 Ophidian Incubation Transforms a single egg from the player's inventory into a corresponding variety of Cockatrice egg. 3 2.4 No
Spirit dagannoth 83 Spike Shot Deals up to 1080 magic damage, with a chance of stunning the opponent. 6 4.8 Yes
Spirit spider 10 Egg Spawn Spawns up to 5 red spiders' eggs on the ground next to the player. 6 4.8 No
Spirit terrorbird 52 Tireless Run Restores the player's run energy by half their Agility level rounded up, and temporarily boosts the player's Agility level by 2. 8 6.4 No
Spirit wolf 1 Howl Causes nearby enemies to flee for a few seconds. 3 2.4 Yes
Steel titan 99 Steel of Legends Inflicts four attacks instead of one in the next attack, each hit dealing up to 1296 damage. 18 14.4 Yes
Stranger plant 64 Poisonous Blast Deals up to 1036 magic damage. 6 4.8 Yes
Swamp titan 85 Swamp Plague Deals up to 1108 magic damage. 6 4.8 Yes
Talon beast 77 Deadly Claw Deals three rapid magic hits, each hit dealing up to 1008 damage. 6 4.8 Yes
Thorny Snail 13 Slime Spray Deals up to 80 ranged damage. 3 2.4 Yes
Unicorn stallion 88 Healing Aura Heals the player by 10% of their maximum life points. 20 16 Yes
War tortoise 67 Testudo Temporarily boosts the player's Defence by 8 levels. 20 16 Yes
Waterfiend (familiar) 50 Straight Flush Teleport all items stored within the familiar's inventory to the bank (note that this means it does not deposit items to the material storage container). If the bank is full or does not have space for a specific material or artefact, the item will remain in the familiar's inventory. 6 4.8 No
Wolpertinger 92 Magic Focus Temporarily boosts the player's Magic by 7 levels. 20 16 No

Special moves shared by multiple familiars[edit | edit source]

Familiar Special move
Moss titan, Ice titan and Fire titan Titan's Constitution
Void ravager, Void spinner, Void shifter and Void torcher Call to Arms
Spirit cockatrice, Spirit guthatrice, Spirit saratrice, Spirit zamatrice, Spirit pengatrice, Spirit coraxatrice, and Spirit vulatrice Petrifying Gaze
Spirit war pig, Spirit pack pig and Spirit prayer pig Bacon blast
Ice nihil, Blood nihil, Smoke nihil and Shadow nihil Annihilate
Phoenix, Reborn phoenix Rise from the ashes

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • update 13 September 2021 (Update):
    • The 20% reduction in special move cost now also affects non-combat familiars.
  • ninja 14 June 2021 (Update):
    • The familiar special points bar is now green, the same colour as its action bar variant.
    • Added a button to set the special attack auto-fire rate and removed the right-click option to do the same thing on the special points bar.
    • Highlighted keywording
      • Familiar scrolls have had a similar tooltip touch-up and now display the Familiar they belong to and how many special move points they'll consume.
    • Dungeoneering and Stealing Creation Familiars have also had their scroll and Pouch information updated.
      • Those same Familiars can also hold their own scrolls now.
    • Added info-box messages for various erroneous actions, such as casting scrolls for a Familiar when there are none available.
    • The term 'Summoning special points' has been changed to 'Familiar special points'.
  • patch 20 August 2013 (Update):
    • Familiar special moves now function correctly when used from an action bar slot.
  • patch 2 November 2010 (Update):
    • Several Summoning special move messages have been removed from the game’s spam filter.
  • patch 19 July 2010 (Update):
    • Your open tabs should now be more consistent when using familiar special moves.
  • patch 11 January 2010 (Update):
    • Made the Summoning "Special Move" consistent on the Summoning left-click options.
  • patch 26 October 2009 (Update):
    • Using the fruit bat special move scroll now correctly decreases your Summoning points.
  • patch 17 September 2009 (Update):
    • Fixed a combat issue with the phoenix familiar’s special move.