South Feldip Hills

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South Feldip Hills.png
South Feldip Hills
Release date 8 July 2009 (Update)
Kingdom Feldip Hills
Members area Yes
Main music
Leader The Ogre shamans and Chieftains
Bank map icon.png None Altar map icon.png None
South Feldip Hills map.png

South Feldip Hills is the area found in the south-western Feldip Hills. It used to host the Mobilising Armies minigame until its removal, and now is host to the Warforge dig site. This is also the area where players can find vibrant wisps, which can be harvested after reaching level 60 Divination, and where Mrs Duck spawns after players ferry a Mega Duck from Falador Park.

The area can be reached via the South Feldip Hills Teleport, a ring of duelling, or by using a Spirit Tree. It can also be accessed via teleporting from the Archaeology Guild to the Warforge dig site.