Soul phylactery

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Soul phylactery detail.png

The soul phylactery is an item that resurrects a player upon dying with all of their life points fully restored. It does not restore Prayer points or any stats which had been drained, nor does it work in PvP situations. Once used, it is destroyed. In the Fight Kiln, players killed by the special attack of a TokHaar-Ket-Dill are not revived.[source needed] It does not work if players die in Shattered Worlds. If the player happens to be wearing a ring of life when they would die, the ring of life takes precedence and the soul phylactery is not consumed.

When it activates, the following message is seen: You dodge death, and are revived and healed to full health.

It was first introduced as a reward from fate cards from 1 August through 30 September 2012, and was made available again during the 2018 Halloween event by opening a medium, large or huge corrupted energy obtained from the warped chamber.

A player revived using the soul phylactery

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All unused soul phylacteries received from fate cards from 2012 were removed from the game at the beginning of 2013.
  • The item shares its appearance and animation with the Gift for the Reaper.
  • The word "phylactery" originates from the Greek φυλακτήριον (transliterated, phulakterion), which means "protection" - or an item believed to hold such a purpose, often in the form of an amulet or necklace. In fantasy settings, it is a container that holds part of a soul, acting as protection against death.